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By: Anthony Kokoi

After nine months of action and attractions, four Liberian players based in Malaysia – Francis Grandpa Doe, Zah Krangar, Teah Dennis and Patrick Ronaldinho Wleh – have completed the 2016 Malaysian Super League (MSL).

After the final matches last Saturday, striker Grandpa Doe and midfielder Zah Krangar’s Felda United finished 2nd in the league despite losing 1-0 to Kedah FA in its final match.

Felda United finished 2nd with 15 points, collecting 43 points out of 22 matches from which it won 13, drew four, and lost five.

Both Grandpa Doe and Krangar were able to tally 23 goals for their club during the season.

After a comprehensive evaluation by one of Malaysia’s top sports media, FourFourTwo, midfielder Zah Krangar was selected as one of the top performing midfielders in the 2016 league season.

“The Liberian international was as the forefront of Felda’s attacking play. A tireless playmaker, he was among the best imports in the MSL and scored eight times for Irfan Bakti Abu Salim’s men,” the sports media website said.

Krangar netted 8 out of 21 appearances, while striker Doe was able to net 15 goals and finishing 3rd in the top scorers list with just two goals behind the league’s top scorer, Jorge Pereyra Díaz of JDT.

As of Patrick Ronaldinho Wleh, it was a difficult season as his side Selangor finished in 5th position with 28 points out of 22 matches. Striker Wleh netted 9 goals for the season.

Former Barrack Young Controllers (BYC) defender Teah Dennis’s Sawarak succeeded in escaping relegation when they defeated PDRM 2-1 last Saturday, and finishing three points above relegation with 24 points from 22 matches.

In the Indonesian Championship A, Eric Weeks’s Madura remained top of the league after 2nd place Arema FC failed to get a win against Persipural Jayapura by losing 2-0.

With 11 matches left, Madura United is three points ahead of Arema FC with 49 points and will today go against 7th place Mitra Kukar.

Meanwhile, defender Dirkir Glay, who was on the score sheet for his side last weekend, will return to action this weekend against 15th place Gresik United.

CAF double nominee William Jebor’s Wydad Alethic Club will also return to action on Saturday when they take on Difaâ El Jadidi for its fifth match of the just started season.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 12:53

Laffor’s Sundowns Win CAF Champions League



By: Anthony Kokoi

South Africa based Anthony Laffor has become the first Liberian player to win the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Champions League.

After playing a key role for his side, Mamelodi Sundowns, the 31 year old becomes the first Liberian to appear in the final and win a trophy.

Laffor, who was taken as a ‘joker’ by his coach, got the opener in the semi-final 2nd leg after Sundowns defeated Zambian side ZESCO 3-2 on aggregate.

Laffor also got the opener and provided an assist in the first leg of the CAF Champions League when Sundowns defeated Zamalek 3-0, which gave them an advantage to move on to the 2nd leg of the final.

“Once a dream, it’s now a reality! Thanks to God the Almighty for this great achievement. Thanks to my teammates and officials for the hard work and determination. Thanks to you my fans, supporters and well-wishers for the prayers and faith in me,” Anthony Laffor posted on his Facebook page.

Mamelodi Sundowns on Sunday won the league, which is its first continental title, after defeating Zamalek of Egypt 3-1 on aggregate.

The Pretoria-based side will also now represent Africa at December’s Fifa Club World Cup in Japan and has in addition won $1.5m for claiming the trophy.

In another development, CAF double nominee William Jebor scored a goal for his club Wydad Athletic Club in their 5-0 win during the weekend.

William Jebor now has 4 goals out of four appearances for his side. Wydad has won all of its first four league matches since the start of the season.

Liberians are waiting to see if Jebor will win in any of the category during the CAF award gala slated for January 7, 2017.

By Benedict Nyankun Wisseh
Invincible Eleven (IE) trouble shooters... Benedict Nyankun Wisseh,  Sarkpah Nyanseor and Albert Nah 
In sports, it is common for every former athlete to be referred to as a legend by people who have watched them play. Therefore, in Liberia, it is not strange that we have taken to doing it, greeting and referring to every former athlete as a legend. We do it, undoubtedly, as a genuine appreciation and respect for the athletes. But that demonstration of appreciation and respect becomes an obligation when the athletes have aged and no longer can run again, leaving us to reminisce about their performances in order to comfort and satisfy our inability to reverse the trajectory of the clock on their ages to watch them perform again. In other words, we wish for the athletes to remain young and play forever. One such athlete, for whom Liberians wish for this fate, is Sarkpah Nyanseor. But the clock on aging will not allow him to come out of retirement because on September 26, 2016, Sarkpah turned 60 years old. Yes, the footballer who, along with Solomon Sipply, was the best central defender in the second half of the 1970s, but, after Sipply's departure to America, stood unchallenged as the best central defender in Liberian football in the first half of the 1980s. Had Borbor Gaye and Sipply not played in that same position, the tasks would have been common for all followers of Liberian football to unanimously declare Sarkpah as the country's greatest and best central defender ever.
To honour this milestone, Liberians from different walks of life gathered in Newark, New Jersey, for a three day events celebrating the 60th year of Sarkpah's life. Although the actual birth date was September 26, the celebration was brought forward to September 3 to accommodate the schedules of those who travelled long distances and needed the conveniences the Labour Day holiday offered for them on Monday. All who attended the three day events were motivated by different reasons. Some came because Sarkpah was a teammate, others came because he was a great footballer, and others did because he is a likable and gregarious person. Better yet, many came because he is a genuine person and not one whose character is comp!icated to comprehend, trust and appreciate because of a multiplicity of deceptions and contradictions. But the latter is overshadowed and concealed by the fame football has brought him when it began its life in 1974. 
Except to those who followed "Round Town Football" in Monrovia and watched its games in which St. Jerry's, ABC, BYC, Young Warriors, Leeds United, Green Eagles and many others were the competing antagonists every Sunday, Sarkpah was an unknown player.

But those who watched Sarkpah play for St. Jerry's, always came away impressed with his skills and a prediction to be a good player at the highest level of Liberian football. In 1974, Sarkpah was recruited by IE to play keft-wing, a position he had played for St. Jerry's, a team that was based in PHP. The team had produced Anthony Gray and Frank "Jericho" Nagbe, who were playing for IE and the Lone Stars and were already national football stars in 1974.

Generally, Sarkpah's skills were good, but they were incongruous for a winger's skills, left or right. For a country that was addicted to Lawson "Apollo" Teah's wizardry on the left-wing and desperately wishing for his capable replacement after his departure for Sierra Leone, Sarkpah was expected to be the replacement. But Sarkpah was no Apollo Teah. Unlike Apollo, Sarkpah was lacking in quickness and speed and, as a result, the required crossings of the ball were not delivered by him timely to create goalscoring opportunities for his side.

Sarkpah was also playing for Wells-Hairston where he was a student. It was while playing for Wells-Hairston that he came under the tutelage of the late Anthony Nagbe Wisseh as his high school football coach. Wesseh was a retired star midfielder for the Lone Stars, IE, Barrolle, and St. Joseph's Warriors from the late 1960s to the mid 1970s, when he, Patrick Arthur, Patrick Teah, and Sylvester Weah were masters of the midfield. As a player and coach, Wesseh was imaginative and always strategizing with players.

The result of one of his imaginations led to an experiment that placed Sarkpah in the central defender position for Wells-Hairston, where he performed consistently impressively than expected in the high school football league. And needless to say that IE's Ghanaian coach, Osei, was so impressed that he convinced himself to select Sarkpah as his first choice  to play the central defender position for IE. Gradually, Sarkpah adjusted to the position before the watchful eyes of Liberian football fans, one of whom was me. At this time, I was still struggling to establish myself in "Round Town" games, which were the beginning but highly competitive level of Liberian football and attending Sanford Dennis Junior High School that was located near Crown Hill Theater on Crown Hill. This school, unexpectedly, would make my path to cross Sarkpah's.
Sanford Dennis shared the same building with another school, a high school that operated under different name in the night. The night school registered to play in the high school league. But the problem was that the school had no players to play. So, the two schools, surreptitiously conspired and arranged for us to play under Sanford Dennis' name. It was illegal for Sanford Dennis' to play in the league since it was not a high school. But nobody bothered to raise questions and so we kept playing and winning. It was while playing for Sanford Dennis in 1975, against Wells-Hairston, that I first played against Sarkpah. In the game, our paths did not cross directly because I played at the central defender's position against a Wells-Hairston"s team that featured Philipee, Johnny Grant, the late Anthony Nagbe, Meally  Freeman, Josiah Nimely, Solomon Cooper, Joker,  Sarkpah, Anthony Jlateh, and Philip klah. We lost the game, but in a penalty shootout that eliminated us. After the game, Sarkpah and I had a simple handshake and went our separate ways. I returned to playing in "Round Town Games" while Sarkpah carried on playing for IE. But, later in the year, we met again, this time as teammates playing in LAMCO, Yekepa. 
In November, 1975, Sarkpah, Joseph Forkay Nepay and I were recruited by Roosevelt Davies to play for a team named Seasoners in LAMCO, Yekepa, in a very good league that was run by LAMCO Sports Commission. Seasoners hand made it to the semifinal using players from the Carroll High School football team. But against Zangba in the semifinal, a team that was constituted by half of the players who represented Nimba and Bassa Counties respectively in the "County Meet," Seasoners were believed to have no chance to advance to the final. This led to the decision by Seasoners' officials to reinforce the strength of the team with outside players like us. At this time, Sarkpah and Forkay had established themselves as national star players and were recruited on the strength of this resume. Although I was on the periphery of Liberian football stardom, Davies recruited me because of a friendship in which I came under his tutelage and that of J. Dominic Bing. But having played with him, Davies was confident that I was not going to disappoint in Yekepa. This would mark the first time Sarkpah and I met and shared a common space and conversation.
In the automobile to Yekepa, I was squeezed between Sarkpah and Nepay in the back seat, perhaps to remind me of my standing then in the Liberian football community. The long ride from Monrovia left the door ajar to the opportunity for me to know Sarkpah as a person. For a person who was a national superstar, Sarkpah was remarkably polite. At our first stop, it was "my brother, you want something to drink?" In addition to this, he was very funny as he loquaciously told stories about his St. Jerry's teammates that had us laughing. We arrived in Yekepa at about one o'clock in the morning on Saturday. We were greeted at the front door of the house where we were to lodge by a 13 year-old boy named Lester Patmore, but who was known popularly as Backay. He came out looking for Sarkpah and Forkay. He told Sarkpah that they  "heard too much" about him and expected him to "play good." Sarkpah politely responded "okay, I will try."  Although the response appeared to be simple, Sarkpah's performance demonstrated that he took it seriously. He was tough and rough, but yet flamboyant and immaculate when he defended. We won the semifinal game against Zangba and went on to defeat Hollywood F.C. in the championship game. 
The indication from the two games left no ambiguity that Sarkpah was breaking away from the conventional way of kick and follow, without elegance and flair, that Central defenders before him had played. Already a skillful player, he brought elegance and flair to the position that left both spectators and fellow footballers mesmerised. By 1976, when I debuted for Bameh, Sarkpah had completely altered how the position was played. While Sipply and Gaye, as defenders, were brilliant at marking, anticipating and intercepting plays because of their finesse, vision and tactical intelligence, Sarkpah, blessed with impressive physical and mental attributes, such as strength, concentration and endurance, combined power and elegance to make accurate tackles. But Sarkpah's ability, although admired and appreciated by the Liberian fans and respected by his colleagues, was untested by foreign players outside of Liberia in another country. This test, however, came in Freetown, Sierra Leone, where IE had had gone to play two friendly international matches against East End Lions and Real Republicans. By this time, I was a member of IE after I joined the team from Barrolle in 1977. 
IE's arrival was preceded by a Sierra Leonean newspaper article, written by Mr. Wilfred Leeroy Kanu, a Sierra Leonean who was my English teacher at Charlotte Tolbert Memorial Academy and, currently, a senior diplomat at the Sierra Leone's mission at the United Nations. In the article, Mr. Kanu spoke highly of  IE and Sarkpah's football prowess and warned them not to underestimate us. In our first game against East End Lions, Sarkpah was quickly put to the test by the late Ismael Dyfan, an attacking midfielder who combined quickness, speed, skill, vision and balance as a p!ayer.

As if it was advertently designed by the two teams, less than ten minutes into the game, a long pass was made to Dyfan just outside of the penalty box, where he was met by the late Anthony Nagbe and Sarkpah. But, with his quickness, Dyfan beat Nagbe easily and with a feint and quick speed, he got by Sarkpah and had an opened access to our goal mount against the late Sekou Gomez. However, the swift intervention of "The Commanding General," Klay Andrews, dislodged the ball from Dyfan's possession for a corner kick and prevented us from conceding an earlier goal. 
As a defender, Sarklah had been beaten before by other players. But the ease with which he, along with Nagbe, was beaten by Dyfan was unusual. Therefore, it was concerning to us that while the ball was being retrieved for the corner kick to be taken, Klay Andrews, Teah "Fokofo," Sampson, Sekou Gomez and I gathered around Sarkpah to register our concern to him about Dyfan. With his usual humility, Sarkpah conceded that Dyfan was a brilliant player and,  apologitically, he assured us that how he was beaten was an aberration. Yes, an aberration it was, for Sarkpah was not clearly and easily beaten again by Dyfan or any other Lions' player that it had to require the intervention of another IE's defender to rescue the day. Even when it seemed that he was being beaten by Dyfan or any other player, Sarkpah was able, admirably, to recover and regain possession of the ball or kick it away. The game ended in a scoreless draw. 
On Sunday, we took on the Real Republicans and, by the midway in the second half, we had established a comfortable 3 -1 lead. In this game Sarkpah, with his Commanding presence and excellent ball control, functioned as a secondary attacker by advancing forward into the midfield and commencing attacking plays from the back. As a result, we still mounted persistent pressure on them to dismiss any hopes that our lead was surmountable. To the Sierra Leonean fans, the inevitable outcome was cleared to them as reflected in their applause for us and catcalls for the home team. While we were still playing, officials of the Sierra Leonean Football Association (SLFA) approached our officials with a proposal for us to play a third game on Monday against Mighty Blackpool, then the reigning champions for Sierra Leone. Certainly, the SLFA officials, perhaps, acting on the request of the spectators, did not want for us to leave Sierra Leone without a defeat. Our officials, with our approval, negotiated and agreed conditions for us to play. 
The stadium was packed as if the government instructed everybody to go to the game in support of Blackpool. The game ended in a 1-1 draw. But Sarkpah was the story. He was majestic, preforming with an elegant style and dominance that constantly drew admirable applause from the Sierra Leonean fans. On Tuesday, the late Sierra Leonean journalist, Foday Kandeh, writing in The Progress newspaper under the title "Liberia's Invincible Eleven Proved Their Invincibility Against Our Best Teams,' put Sarkpah in the same class with Zaire's legendary central defender, Lobilo Boba," as one of the best defenders in Africa. He argued that if he was charged with the responsibility to draw an African team, he would include Sarkpah among his starters.
Yes, Sarkpah, I will always remember you as one of the best defenders I have seen in Africa. I will remember you so, because every time you took the field, you played with passion no matter what the level of opposition and shined brightly like a star. Yes, you are 60 years old and unable to run again as a young man. But, as your teammate, you have remained frozen in my recollection as a young man running for the corner kick and heading in the tying goal against Nigeria at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium. Happy Birthday, Liberian true legend!!!!
Benedict Nyankun Wisseh is known for being a teammate of Sipley Wiah and Philip Tarplah when they played for IE in the late 1970s.

Boy Dolo

The Invincible Eleven (IE) and Nimba United Midfielder left the country earlier this year for tryout with French League Two Club Tour FC and the lad dream of playing at the top level is coming to past.
Scleam Sholee Quiah has expressed delight over the trend his career is taking, but believes there is still a long way to go.

“Deco”, as he is affectionately called, completed a tryout with French League Two Club Tours FC earlier this year, but could not feature for the Club in the French League this season due to documents problem.

The 18-year-old attacker was loaned to Union sportive de Tataouine in the Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1 to further develop and the inspirational winger has since established himself in the club’s squad.

The lad was part of the Tataunie squad that lost 2-1 away to Étoile du Sahel on Sunday, October 16, 2016.

Union sportive de Tataouine is based in the city of Tataouine in the south of the country. Founded in 1996, the team plays in red and blue colors. The home ground is "Stade Nejib Khattab".

Their 2016–17 season will be their first ever in the Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1.

“I am delighted with the level of progress I am making, even though I am not satisfied yet, but I know greater thing is still ahead. “It was difficult going through a tryout, but everything went all right and I am following up my career in Tunisia,” the youngster.

Sholee audition trip to France was made possible by his local manager, former Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Marbu Richard in collaboration with Kerkulah Kamara’s of Balawala International.

He began his career in Kakata City with Millennium Star. He moved to Monrovia and joined LISCR FC in 2010.

The promising young winger joined ELWA United on loan from LISCR FC where he found playing time difficult in 2011 and made his stay permanent in 2012 and his glittering show with the Faith-based Club caught the attention of IE.

The Sunshine Yellow Boys moved in quickly to secure the player and he delivered the needed results which saw him gained promotion to the U23 National Team.

He became a star player at IE where he helped the Club escaped relegation in 2013-2014.Quiah also engineered IE survival in the 2014-2015 season.

Due to the Yellow Boys failure to compete in just ended National League, Quiah moved to Nimba United on a one year loan deal at the beginning of this season, before departing for France.

He was one of the top-rated young players in the Country prior to his departure.

He realized his dream of playing at the top level, as he was part of the Nimba United squad that was knockout of the CAF Champions League earlier this year by Union de Duala of Cameroon.

Thursday, 20 October 2016 13:44

Weeks’ Mandura United Hopes To Extend Lead



By: Anthony Kokoi

Liberia’s Indonesia based Eric Weeks’s club, Mandura United, will be hoping to extend its lead in the Soccer Championship league table, when they go against 12th place Bali United Pusam today.

Mandura United is currently topping the league table four points ahead of second place Amera FC after 23 league games.
Mandura extended its lead on the table when it defeated Persiba Balikpapan 2-1; Eric Weeks got the team’s second goal in the 50th minute.

Mandura United now has 47 points from 23 matches.

Midfielder Weeks also got the winning goal for his side against Persib Bandung in their 2-1 victory on October 8.

In the United States, Liberian forward playing for Portland Timbers in the Major League Soccer (MSL), Darlington Nagbe, was on Sunday in action for his side when they kept their playoff hopes alive by defeating Colorado Rapids FC 1-0 at the Providence Park on Sunday.

Forward Nagbe, whose jersey is among the top 20 selling jerseys in the MLS, has so far played 168 games, starting in 175 matches for the club since joining in 2011, scoring 24 goals and providing 25 assists.

According the club’s website, Nagbe who was recently named to the 2016 AT&T MLS All-Star Fan XI and sits in the 11th position out of 20 top selling jerseys behind legendary players that include Andrea Pirlo, New York City FC; Clint Dempsey, Seattle Sounders FC; David Villa, New York City FC; Jordan Morris, Seattle Sounders FC; Steven Gerrard, LA Galaxy; Kaká, Orlando City SC; Didier Drogba, Montreal Impact; Sebastian Giovinco, Toronto FC; Frank Lampard, New York City FC; and Dom Dwyer, Sporting Kansas City.

Portland Timbers are six points away from relegation with 44 points out of 33 matches.


By Kolubah Zayzay

Defending National County Meet Football Champions Grand Bassa County have been drawn in what pundits described as tough group in the 2016/2017 National County Sports Meet qualifying round.

Grand Bassa was drawn in group D against former Champions, Bomi County, Gbarpolu County and Grand Cape Mount County for the qualifying stage of the county meet.

The draw which took place at the weekend also paired two former champions Bong County, and Margibi County against Lofa County in Group A.

Nimba County who lost in the quarter final last edition will play former Champions Rivercess County, as well as Sinoe and Montserrado Counties in Group B.

Group C pairs 1989 Champions, Grand Gedeh County alongside River Gee, Grand Kru and Maryland Counties.

Grand Cape Mount County who last won the National County Sports Meet in 2013 beating Montserrado County in the final will host the qualifying round for teams in Group D.

Cape Mount failed to progress to the quarter final last season, but look set to be a contender for the title this season, according to reports coming in.

Bomi County which have failed to past the group stage in the last two editions, appear to be the underdog in the group, as the county has not shown any intend since their last quarter final appearance in 2010/2011.

Gbarpolu County, a defeated quarterfinalist last season, seem to have serious ambition to winning the title this season (year) as the county have since began scouting of players for its kickball and football teams.

Though some pundits think the three Western Liberia Counties could post hindrance to Grand Bassa County’s progress, the county authorities see the group as an easy zone.

Bassa’s dominance of the National County Sports Meet last term, gave the county officials lots of motivation to battle for a third straight title in 2016/2017.

They have maintained their setup since winning the football and basketball first place cups, as well as third place in Kickball.

They will definitely be the team to beat, though they will be among Western Counties.

Group A matches will take place in Voinjama, Lofa County between hosts Lofa, Bong and Margibi County.

Lofa, last season’s third place winners are the only county in this group yet to taste the county meet championship in both Football and Kickball.

With no active football and kickball activities in the county for the past two years, Lofa could find it tough in qualifying in their own backyard against Bong and Margibi Counties, two counties with good sporting activities.

Margibi County can boast of the best youthful football league in the country at the moment, owing to the fact that the County have dominated the National Third Division Playoff producing three second division teams in the past 24 months. They have since started recruiting players for their teams.

Bong County were beaten in the semifinal last season by eventual winners Grand Bassa county, but have never failed to reach the second round in all of the since the new millennium.
Bong and Margibi Counties are tipped as favorites to progress from that group.

In Group B, Bookmakers tipped host Nimba County and last year’s defeated finalist, Montserrado County to progress ahead of Sinoe and Rivercess counties.

Nimba is another side that have not missed out on the quarter final since the new millennium, and the county have taken serious delight in winning the title this year to end five years wait for the title.

Since showing dominance in the competition in the 1960s, Montserrado County have struggled in winning the title, but came close to winning in 2013 and 2016.

Back by huge finance, Montserrado County want to end that poor run and show supremacy as “first” and most populated county. That can only be done by winning the title this year. Montserrado County has the power to attract some of the best cream of players.

Sinoe and Rivercess Counties have not shown any serious organizational structure and preparation in participating in the competition in recent years.

It will be a surprise to many if any one of the two should progress to the second round of the competition.

Group C is open to any of the four participants to qualify, but host Maryland and Grand Gedeh Counties are seen as favorites.

River Gee County could however post serious threat to them.

Grand Kru County have not been making much impact in the competition in recent time and not much is been heard in their camp about gearing up for the tournament.

Group winners and their respective runners up will advance to the last eight of the competition which will take place in Monrovia at the ATS.

The tournament according to the Youth and Sports Ministry will formally kickoff on December 3 in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County, where the official opening ceremony will take place.

2016/2017 National County Sports Meet FULL GROUPING

Lofa County
Bong County
Margibi County Venue: Lofa

Nimba County
Rivercess County
Sinoe County
Montserrado County Venue: Nimba

Maryland County
Grand Gedeh County
River Gee County
Grand Kru County Venue: Maryland

Grand Cape Mount County
Grand Bassa
Bomi County
Gbarpolu County Venue: Cape Mount

Published in LFA League

By Boy Dolo

William Jebor and Anthony Laffor are on the verge of making history this year as a result of their splendid performances on the international scene.

Jebor, 24 is among 30 players shortlisted for the Confederation of African Football (Caf) Player of the Year award which will be given at a gala on 5 January 2017 in Abuja, Nigeria.

Laffor on the other hand is one step closer to CAF Champions League glory.

The Liberia international striker was also shortlisted for this Year CAF Player Award for players based on the Continent.

Jebor is on loan at Moroccan Club Wydad Athletic Casablanca from Portugese Club Rio Ave.

He scored six goals during the just ended 2017 Nations Cup Qualifiers for Liberia.

The Rio Ave forward also netted four goals in the preliminary round of qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup.

He also netted a brace for Wydad in 5-2 victory over Zamalek in the CAF Champions League Semifinal recently.

Jebor made his debut for Liberia on 26 March 2011, starting in a 2–4 loss against Cape Verde. His first international goal came on 14 June 2015, in a 1–2 defeat at Togo.

On 13 October 2015 Jebor scored a hat-trick in a 3–1 win at Guinea-Bissau, after scoring another one in the first leg.

On March 29, 2016, he scored another hat-trick in a CAF 2017 qualification match in Monrovia, Liberia, between Djibouti and Liberia, becoming the only Liberian senior national football team player to score a hat-trick more than once in an international tournament.

Now Liberians are calling him the "victorious Boy" because he brings victory to the Fans as well as the Country.

Key among the nominees is Gabon and Borussia Dortmund striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who is in the frame to win the award for the second time.

Aubameyang, who picked up the title last year, is named on a preliminary list of 30 for Caf's annual title, which will be awarded at a gala on 5 January 2017 in Abuja, Nigeria.

Ivory Coast and Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure, a four-times winner and runner-up to Aubameyang last year, is not on the list.

Toure, who captained Ivory Coast to Africa Cup of Nations success in 2015, was last year's BBC African Footballer of the Year, but has struggled this season under new Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola.

Cameroon legend Samuel Eto'o, currently in Turkey with Antalyaspor, is included in the list of names, and could win his fifth title.

There are five players who are also included on the list for the Africa-based player of the year, including Mamelodi Sundowns trio, Khama Billiat (Zimbabwe), Dennis Onyango (Uganda) and Keegan Dolly (South Africa).

12 of the 30 footballers play in the English Premier League, including Algeria's Riyad Mahrez who won England's PFA Player of the Year award last season.

At the same time, Anthony Laffor is close to becoming the first Liberian player to win the CAF Champions League following Mamelodi Sundowns 3-0 win over Egypt’s Zamalek at home on Saturday.

The home fans were getting impatience with Downs’ approach to goal, but that was finally lay to rest in the 31st minute as go-to-man Laffor rattled home.

Kekana picked up the ball in the middle of the park and following a marauding run at goal the Sundowns captain unleashed his fellow teammate; who turned his marker before firing into the top corner of the net.

With a certain William Jebor having caused the White Knights all sorts of problems in Rabat late last month, another Liberia international in Laffor did the same with the attacker a constant threat down the right flank in the proceeding minutes.

The home team moved three goals ahead less than a minute into the second half when Islam Gamal conceded an own-goal on an uncomfortably hot afternoon for the players.

Continental success for the South African outfit owned by mining magnate Patrice Motsepe will complete a remarkable turnaround this year in the premier African club football competition.

Sundowns were eliminated by V Club in the final qualifying round last April only to be reinstated when the Democratic Republic of Congo side were disqualified for using an ineligible player.

The Pretoria team went on to defeat five-time African champions Zamalek narrowly at home and away in the group stage, but taking a three-goal lead in the final exceeds their wildest dreams.

Should Sundowns be crowned champions after the return match in Alexandria next Sunday, they will become only the second South African winners of the competition after Orlando Pirates 21 years ago.

History favours Sundowns as only one club, Mouloudia Alger of Algeria in 1976, have overcome a three-goal first-leg deficit in a final.

The second-leg is scheduled to take place at the Borg El Arab Stadium in Alexandria on Sunday, 23 October 2016.

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LFA Technical Center Completion Set for December ….As FIFA’s Development Officer Ends Visit to Liberia

MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2016: FIFA’s Development Officer for West Africa Sampon Kablan has completed an assessment of ongoing works at the Liberia Football Association Technical Center in Careysburg, Montserrado County.

Mr. Kablan Speaking at the site in Careysburg said he is hopeful the project will be completed by the end of December this year.

 “The project has delayed so much and I think we must finish it quickly to make the facility a place for youth players to train develop and grow football in Liberia” , Kablan stated.

He wants the project to be completed to enable Liberia apply for more development aid from football’s world governing body, FIFA.

The FIFA Development Officer said the project was delay due to EBOLA and it was now time for the Technical Center Project to be completed so that the youth of Liberia can play football while going to school.

Mr. Kablan said he has been assured by contracts after a meeting with them that the facility will be completed at the end of the year.

The FIFA Development Officer for West Africa put the cost of the buildings and facilities at the center at Five Hundred Thousand Untied States Dollars ($500, 000.00).

Mr. Kablan stated the Technical Center is part of FIFA’s Goal Project Initiative and said the major reason for his trip to Liberia which will be concluded on Saturday is to ensure the project is completed in order to give Liberia the fiscal space for more technical development support from FIFA.

The FIFA Official disclosed the football pitch under construction at the Technical Center is not part of the Goal Project but a project call ‘Winning Africa for Africa’.

He held separate meetings with LFA President Musa Bility, Secretary General Emmanuel Deah, and Technical Director Henry Brown among other football officials.


Kablan is hopeful his next visit to Liberia early next year will be to officially dedicate the Technical Center named in honor of Liberian soccer legend George Manneh Weah.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2016 14:43

LFA Opens Bidding For First Division Slot



By Kolubah Zayzay


Report says the Liberia Football Association Competition Committee has put out for bid the last slot in the LFA First Division.

The LFA Competition Committee in a communication to second division clubs last week informed the clubs that it has opened bidding for the last slot in the first division.

There were eleven teams that competed in the last LFA First division League after IE withdrew their participation from the league.

The LFA First division league is usually staged among twelve teams, but currently there are only eleven clubs standing by for the upcoming national league as IE has not been readmitted to the first division.

The LFA Competition Committee chairman, Ansu Dulleh in recent media interactions had repeated that there was no slot reserved for IE after they failed to play in the league, and that the slot will be put out for bidding.

The Communication says, clubs interested in the bidding process, must meet certain criteria including paying a nonrefundable feel of twenty-five thousand U.S. dollar and having a bank balance of fifteen thousand U.S. dollar.

The report says several clubs including IE, and NPA Anchors have formerly expressed interest in getting the slot, but have felt short of paying the twenty-five thousand U.S. dollar.

Also, a bidding for two slots in the second division is been opened for third division clubs, with report that Bea Mountain, a side that failed to qualify from the LFA Third Division Playoff the only side that have gave the LFA an undisclosed amount for a slot in the second division.

Meanwhile, there are mix-feelings among second division teams and clubs that reached the LFA National Third Division Playoff.

The clubs are arguing that the slots should have been awarded to those teams that ended the season in positions closed to those teams that got promoted, rather than putting up a bid.

This is the first time; the Liberia Football Association is put out slots for bidding.

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BY Christopher C Walker


The Champions of Liberian football Barrack Young Controllers (BYC) have promoted five of its junior players, from BYC-II to the senior team (BYC-I) for the upcoming 2016/2017 Liberia Football Association National League.

Goal keeper Allenton Sembeh, defenders Solomon Yarweh, Prince Kennedy, striker Randy Dukuly, and midfielder Abraham Koffa Dougbeh have all been promoted to the senior squad of the club, as they have earned the right to compete at the highest level of Liberian football, and the BYC’s organization.

All of the promoted players were instrumental in BYC-II winning of the LFA 2015 FA Cup and Super Cup thus qualified the junior “Go Blue Boys” for the 2016 CAF Cup.

They were instrumental in BYC-II defeating of Moroccan top Flight Club Kawkab Athletic Club Marrakech 2-0 during an exhilarating second leg in Monrovia after the Liberian side was defeated 3-0 away during the first leg, concluding with BYC-II elimination from the competition on the away goal rule 3-2 Thus maintaining BYC Football undefeated home record in international competition.

Dukuly ended last season as BYC- II top goal scorer and second highest goal scorer in the 2nd Division with 11 goals, two behind Curtis Koon of Monrovia Club Breweries who captured the Second Division Golden Boot with 13 goals. Dukuly ascension, means striker Terry Sackor will now teamed up with Justino Ward Jackson at BYC-II.

Dukuly’s addition to BYC –I, means the club attack force is projected to be the most lethal in the league, with lighting speed, behind the legs of Ketu Jerbo, and Prince Saydee, combined with the power of Mark Paye and Van-Dave Harmon, In addition, the “wizardry” of David Tweh.

Kennedy will have to fight for his place at right back with Karleo Anderson, another former BYC-II player who was promoted 2 years back to the senior team and who has establish himself as one of the best right backs in the country. Yarweh will be in competition for a place at central back with Kemoh Kamara, Prince Jetoh, and team Captain Francis Jallabah.

Allenton Sembeh is making his second appearance with the senior team and will have to beat Morris Tarr and Mulbah Urey, who combined for only having 11 goals combined against them during the Liberian Champions winning season.

Koffa Dougbeh whom Fassell FC had expressed interest in having him joined their side, but he had no interest in them, will have to battle with Sylvanus Morris, Gideon Williams, Junior Barshall, and the young up coming Arku Morris, for his place in tough central midfield.

2015 Super Cup star, Sekou Bayoh will begin his learning process on BYC-II under the tutelage of former National goal keeper Nathaniel Sherman, a BYC consultant to have more playing time, and gain more confidence as a top class goalie.

Speaking about the additional players to the team that won the LFA Championship BYC-I coach Cooper Sannah said “ever player will have to fight for their place in his team because competition for a starting wing is much higher than last season, and we don’t show favoritism, whom ever is the best will play, it’s as simple as that.

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