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National County Meet

National County Meet (16)


Bassa Battles Nimba In County Meet At ATS
-Repeat Of 2013 Final

By Roland Mulbah

The Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) will come alive today with the repeat of the 2013 edition of the National County Meet when Bassa battles Nimba at 4: P.M. in the second quarterfinal of the month long competition.

It can be recalled that Grand Bassa County triumphed over Nimba County with a 2-1 score line in 2013 to break several years of wait as far as winning the competition is concerned.

Bassa has already launched an operation called ‘Operation Retain the County Meet, even though the county struggled to qualify to the quarterfinal.

They made some crucial changes to the squad that played in the group stage with reports that several young talented players were recruited immediately after the embarrassing 2-0 defeat at the hands of Bong County at home in Buchanan in the opening match of the competition.

There are reports also that Liberia’s Lone Star Coach; James Salinsa Debbah, is seen very busy on the training camps of Grand Bassa County with several tactics in an attempt to help his county retain the trophy.

The Bassa boys have also been promised huge bonuses if they beat Nimba today.

Nimba County will come to revenge today with reports that its county sports chairman, Floyd Tomah and other prominent citizens of the county including Lawmakers have pledged huge bonuses to the players if they qualify to the semifinal of the competition today.

Before that crunch duel, Grand Bassa and Grand Cape Mount will battle each other in the kickball category of the competition at 2:00 P.M.

Meanwhile, Bong County qualified to the semifinal of the National County Sports Meet after a deserving 3-1 victory over Maryland on Sunday at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS).

Prior to the Bong and Maryland encounter, Nimba County defeated Bong County three home runs to two (3-2) to book a place in the Semi-finals of the Kickball category of the month long competition.

National County Sports Meet Last Eight Pairings


LFA President Year End Press Conference: Bility Promises to Continue Advocacy in World Football; Secretary-General Recommended; League Starts January 23rd



By LFA Press

The President of the Liberia Football Association Musa Bility says he has no regret following the decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) to sustain his earlier rejection by the FIFA Ad-Hoc Elections Committee. Mr. Bility said his quest for the FIFA Presidency suffered a setback as a result of the ruling of the court; however, he informed the media that he could not make further comments as CAS has given no formal reason for his rejection. He promised to use opportunity of such in the future calling on Liberians to be proud not only of him but any other Liberian seeking position in world leadership.

At an end of the year press conference at the offices of the Liberia Football Association in Monrovia last Saturday, the LFA Boss said despite his rejection, he is satisfied that FIFA has finally decided to remove the portion that dealt with ‘checking integrity’ for FIFA presidential candidates from the updated FIFA Statutes.

“The law used to disqualify me is scrapped from the new FIFA statutes,” Bility said triumphantly. “Even though I am denied to contest the election, my advocacy has paid off.” He further lamented that it’s a law used to abuse power and with its removal, “it gives me solace that FIFA finally recognized that it should not be there at all.”

Mr. Bility said he is ever determined to advocate for things that will bring improvement in the global football community.

“The Executive Committee of the LFA will deliberate and come up with what can help the improvement of the game,” he said. “It has to do with limiting the terms of officials of the LFA. We have to make this place more democratic and bring the needed change to football”, the LFA Boss disclosed.

He re-echoed an earlier statement that history of the world is replete with grander tales of personal sacrifices, including ‘punishment’ in the advocacy of change. In the wake of that, Bility answered to a question that the result of his denial and the eventual change that has come to FIFA gives him a great deal of hope. He refuted a suggestion that he might have been denied due to being an African.

He called on Liberians not to be deterred with his experience and must venture into leadership in global organizations to show their worth.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bility has commended the Liberian government for its support in 2015. He made special reference to the excellent collaboration between the LFA and the Ministry of Youth and Sports on the affairs of the national soccer team, the Lone Star. He also thanked the players, Coach James Debbah, deputy Kelvin Sebwe and the rest of the technical team for exhibiting a greater amount of leadership that added to the gains of the national team during the 2015 sseason.


The President of the Liberia Football Association said he will propose a new Secretary General to the Executive Committee of the football body for approval during its next seating. Mr. Musa Bility told a year end media gathering that he is going to recommend current Acting Secretary General Emmanuel Deah to the Executive Committee for consideration.

He regretted the untimely death of former Secretary General B. Alphonso Armah and said acting Secretary General Emmanuel Deah has done tremendously well which gives him the reason to propose his name to go up.

“This is to cherish the memory of the late Armah by continuing to do what is necessary for the improvement of the game,” he said.

Mr. Bility disclosed it has been his tradition to groom and promote people that have worked so hard in the LFA. He said the action to propose a new Secretary General to the EC is in line with his statutory responsibility. He said Mr. Deah has exhibited commitment, hard work and good leadership in the running of the LFA Secretariat.


At the same time, the LFA through the president Musa Bility, has announced that the 2015/2016 LFA-Cellcom National Football League will begin on January 23, 2016 and noted that the Club Licensing System, embarked on by the LFA is a serious venture to improve the game.

Mr. Bility explained that at least three teams, NPA, IE and Monrovia Breweries could not qualify by the standard of the Club Licensing System and as a result they were dropped from participating in the forthcoming league, “and once they meet the requirement in the future they may participate in the league.”

Bility said club owners must demonstrate their seriousness to follow rules and statutes to improve the game and his administration will not allow those who are not prepared to disrupt the progress of the league.

“Twenty years ago,” he said, “there were no clubs like LISCR, BYC, FC Fassell and Nimba United but today they are some of the leading clubs in the country.”

He said lack of organization and support has dissolved teams like Great Bame, Fulani, and Black Star.

“These were among some of the best clubs twenty years ago and where are they now?”

He said the Club Licensing System predates his administration and therefore to improve the game means clubs that are not prepared to follow LFA statues must give way to those who are able.



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