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Bassa Victory Sparks Mixed Views About Nature Featured

19 Jan 2016
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Bassa Victory Sparks Mixed Views About Nature

By: Joaquin Sendolo

Grand Bassa County claimed victory in the football section of the National County Meet finals on Sunday, January 17, 2016. Victory celebrations since Sunday continue, particularly in Grand Bassa County.

But there has been a strange occurrence, which many people suggest has a deeper meaning than it appears.

The day after the victory, the weather in Monrovia changed for this time of the year – it rained, bringing along with it a chilling cold. Who is responsible for this? Man or nature?

Many Liberians say that such a drastic change in the weather may mean that someone outside our world is responsible and maybe it could mean nature celebrating Grand Bassa County’s Sunday victory, something to teach and warn the rest of Liberians about Grand Bassonians.

Though they are not directly blaming Grand Bassa County’s victory for the abrupt change in the weather to the works of forces beyond our control, they are nonetheless saying that, for example, when Bassa and Nimba met, the first and second time there was a lot of rain, accompanying cold weather, the latter they attributed to Nimbaians, who they say come from the cold.

They assigned blame on Bassa for the rain “to increase the volumes of dwindling rivers that no longer served the ‘Nengee.’”

Nengee in Bassa refers to water entity, and it is widely believed in Liberia that many Bassa people are spiritually related to it.

“When Bassa and Nimba met, Nimba people brought the cold to create discomfort for Bassa people not to win while Bassa people on the other hand overcame it with rain.

“When Montserrado and Bassa met on Sunday, the sky became cloudy and there were droplets of rain. On Monday, yesterday, there was heavy rain, and it is unusual in this dry season for rain to fall like that,” some Grand Bassa supporters said on the streets of Monrovia.

“Bassa people please stop the rain, you have won already and don’t stop us from going out,” a young woman and Nimba supporter said.

November is the beginning of Liberia’s yearly dry season, while the interior parts of the country is characterized by severe cold and mist.

But with the unusual rain that started since the beginning of the game up to last night, some people’s mythological beliefs were broadened to the degree that Bassa people were associated with Nengee.

Though no one could be sure of the abovementioned events, and with many Bassa people neither confirming it, since Nengee is actually practiced in Rivercess, many will continue to make references to unusual events that remain unexplained to Liberians, thereby adding to their ambiguity.

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