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Protest Committee rules for Replay... Featured

12 Jan 2016
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Protest Committee rules for Replay...


By Staff Reporter

The Protest Committee of the National County Sports Meet has ruled for a replay match between Grand Bassa and Nimba, following a long hearing into protest filed by Nimba County against Grand Bassa for fielding an illegal player. 

The date for the replay is yet to be announced as organizers await responses from both counties.

If this ruling is factual, the MYS has proved that it is incompetent and unable to handle the sports development in Liberia.

According to Grand Bassa Senator Madam Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence "The ruling was held today and the committee concluded that Nimba did not follow the protest rules, therefore the protest is not genuine. However, there should be a replay."

Why did the LFA investigate a protest knowing that it was not genuine? What are we than investigating?

The Protest Committee of the National County Sports Meet is doing a dis service to Grand Bassa county if this ruling is allowed. The rules for protest is part of the rules that all member counties signed off on.

If the Protest Committee of the National County Sports Meet is saying that the rules for protest were not followed, then why order a rematch?


It is understood that Nimba principally based their protest on player Jerry Wleh whom they said was banned by the Liberia Football Association.

• Investigatory panel considered Nimba protest null and void
• Recommends replay of the Nimba and Bassa quarter final fixture
• Adjudged both teams guilty of breaching the competition’s rules and regulations
• Bassa take an appeal to the decision of the investigatory panel to the board of appeal
• Bassa say the ruling was incomprehensive
• Senator Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence of Grand Bassa County walked out of the hearing

The investigatory panel authorized by the Ministry of youths and sports [the organizing body of the National County Sports Meet] to probe into investigation concerning a protest filed by Nimba County against Grand Bassa County for using three ineligible players in the tournament says the protest filed by Nimba County was null and void on argument that it did not exhaust all of the formalities to be regarded as a protest.

Following the investigation, the committee recommended that a replay of the match be sanctioned on grounds that the both parties were in violation of the tournament’s rules and regulations, that the suspended players be disbarred from the tournament and further actions be meted against them for knowingly deceiving the organizers and the country and that the LFA furnishes the organizers as to whether or not players William Freeman and Zizue Kollie deemed qualified to participate in this annual event based on allegation that the players played in the top tier contravening the rules and regulations of the National County Sports Meet 2015/2016.

The committee also adjudged the both counties guilty for breaching the competition’s rules and regulations and only took the decision on the basis of fostering peace, unity and national reconciliation.

Counselor Moiffie Kanneh- chairman of the panel said ‘’whether Nimba County filed a protest or whether a player was suspended by the football governing body is eligible to play in the tournament, legally Nimba did not filed a protest because it did not conform with the rules it is considered null and void’’. ‘’The committee struck a balance the both teams did not do what they suppose to do appropriately so in essence we recommended that the match be replayed.
However, Grand Bassa County have taken an appeal to decision of the committee to the appeal board.

Garmondeh Kangar a rooted member of the Grand Bassa County sports association also listened for Bassa at the hearing. He said ‘’we are taking an appeal because it was eluded by the committee that Nimba did not filed a genuine protest and when there is not a genuine protest there is no need for investigation as such you cannot say that they [Nimba] served as whistle blower so you had an investigation that is wrong in football’’.

‘’People who are in tuned to the running of football should be the ones hearing these matters and what is not done legally is not done at all’’ Kangar sneered.

According to him the rules were circumvented and want a straight application of the rules and regulations guiding the tournament. The Grand Bassa official stressed that the ruling by the investigative panel was incomprehensive and lacks fairness and maintained that the county [Grand Bassa] will not honor the fixture until a complete due diligence is accorded the process.

Officials representing Nimba County at the hearing including Senator Prince Johnson have accepted the decision of the committee but warned the ministry to institute a measure that will avoid a recurrence of such an ugly act in a tournament that is meant to uphold peace.

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