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County Meet Protest Update Nimba versus Grand Bassa. Organizers smell unprecedented wahala Featured

11 Jan 2016
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County Meet Protest Update Nimba versus Grand Bassa.
Organizers smell unprecedented wahala

By Abraham Wheon


The protest committee of the 2015/2016 National county sports meet on Saturday evening conducted hearings into protest filed against Grand Bassa for allegedly fielding illegal players .

Thought the committee is yet to come up with its ruling but it is understood that Nimba principally based their protest on player Jerry Wleh whom they said was banned by the Liberia Football Association.

This among other counts Nimba raised.
But in Saturday's hearing,Grand Bassa pleaded not guilty.On the Jerry Wleh issue Grand Bassa argued that the player in question nor his club was never notified about any decision as such . I fact the player ended the entire league season with his club ELWA United. It is also understood that Nimba United presented a letter indicating the player was suspended but questionably the letter was signed by the current Secretary General LFA Emmanuel Deah when the incident occurred at he time the late Alphonso Armah was still active as LFA SG.

On players William Freeman ,Grand Bassa argued that that the player was not used in the game and for Zuzu Kollie ,the county said Nimba had initially registered that the player though dressed but his name was not registered on the game rooster so he should play.At this point the match commissioner Nyaquoi Borsay took consideration Nimba claim and the player was disallowed so Grand Bassa wonders how a protest was filed against him ?Finally Sekou Bayouh goalie,Bassa argued that the tournament rules state that only senior national team players cannot feature in the tournament so playing in CHAN does not constitute senior national team football.

Outside of Nimba's counts , Grand Bassa argued that the protest violates rule 18 of the tournament .The rule among other things states that in case of any protest,the referee, and match commissioner should be informed and such protest should be written and should be signed by both teams captain. Grand Bassa argued that the protest was belated and the county was alerted after 48 hours when the rule says 24 hours. Neither the referee. Sam Kotie nor match commissioner is aware of protest been filed on match day. If indeed a protest was filed the players concerned cards would have been extracted by the referee but on the contrary Grand Bassa had all of their cards signed for.

Despite all of these arguments,if Grand Bassa still lost the protest then the appeal committee will be the next option and if still upheld these could be the possible recomendations.With this unprecedented developments, the tournament could experience serious setback.

1. Sinoe and River Gee could reclaim all their points lost to Grand Bassa.

2. As it relates to the appeal if filed , Musa Hassan Bility,(Nimba County ,G Andy Quamie (Nimba County and Cllr.TC Gould (Grand Bassa County )who are all parties to the case will have to recuse themselves leaving the appeal with Minister Eugene Nagbeand Mustapha Raji of Liscr FC

3. Back at the LFA ,all points ELWA United got in the last league season featuring this suspended player will have to be deducted and given to those clubs he played against. These are the possible ramifications.

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