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James Salinsa Debbah has revealed Lonestar Starting Lineup Against Tunisia

04 Sep 2015
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James Salinsa Debbah has revealed Lonestar Starting Lineup Against Tunisia


By Staff Reporter


Liberia’s head coach James Salinsa Debbah has announced his starting lineup againt Tunisia for th AFCON qualifier match day two at Antontionte Tumban Stadium in Monrovia on Saturday, September 5th.

The announcement came at  pre-match news conference today at the Liberia Football Association headquarters.

This is Debbeh’s first home game with the Sr. National Football team and should be a litmus test as to his technical ability.

With the Lonestar number one choice goalkeeper Nathaniel Sherman out because of a freak injury, old hands Saylee Swen will start between the posts.

Saylee Swen is the most experienced of the three goalies. He plies his trade with local side, LPRC Oilers and made his debut with the Lone Star in late 2003 with the senior national team and later went on to collect more than 10 senior national team caps with the last being with a 4-1 defeat against Rwanda.

Lonestar’s stable at right back Solomon Grimes makes another start in a position he has owned since he made his debut. 

Teah Dennis and new comer Dirkir Glay will form the central defense as they both will be tasked to slow down the enterprising strikers from Tunisia.

Gizzie Dorbor completes the back four at left back and will be busy slowing down the hat-trick hero ( Against Djiboti in the last game)  Yasine Chikhaoui  who plies his trade for FC Zurich in Switzerland.

In the middle of the park, the duo of Zah Kranger and  Patrick Gerhardt , with Gerhardt providing defensive cover to the back four.

Zah will have to supply the strikers with passes in the final third while dropping back to help. This role might be more suited for Anthony Laffor, as he is a better " Libero" and Zah can man the wing on the attack. The formation and strategy of Debbeh will prove crucial in this assignment.

The Strike Force is lethal and should have scoring chances giving that  Sam Johnson, Francis Grandpa Doe and William Jerbo are all in form.

With Sekou Jabateh coming off the bench this should be a potent lineup.

Again the listing of the starting Lineup: Saylee Swen, Solomon Grimes, Gizzie Dorbor, Teah Dennis, Dirkir Glay, Anthony Laffor, Zah Kranger, Patrick Gerhardt, Sam Johnson, Francis Grandpa Doe and William Jerbo


For US the game will be LIVE on TV




Last modified on Saturday, 05 September 2015 02:11
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  • Ayuba Siafa
    Ayuba Siafa Saturday, 05 September 2015 13:18 Comment Link

    Bravo, to this national team. Hoping you will do your best.

  • Ayuba Siafa
    Ayuba Siafa Saturday, 05 September 2015 13:17 Comment Link

    Bravo, to this national team. Hoping you will do your best.

  • Miller Zogar
    Miller Zogar Saturday, 05 September 2015 10:53 Comment Link

    Bravo to Liberia and i appreciate your starting eleven and please do not place Omega Robert in our today game please.

  • Lawrence D Zeekor
    Lawrence D Zeekor Saturday, 05 September 2015 10:14 Comment Link

    Bravo to LIB we shall be the winner'2-0.

  • John Mah
    John Mah Saturday, 05 September 2015 09:40 Comment Link

    Liberia shall win Tunesia today sept.5, 2015 with two goal (2) to zero.

  • Solomon  ngateh
    Solomon ngateh Saturday, 05 September 2015 08:37 Comment Link

    I m under obligations as a patriotic citizen to cherish, love, defend n protect national symbols of my belove country, despite of any conditions a must duty to execute. So, I encouraging all Liberians to go out in national symbol colors: (RED, WHITE N BIUE) to cheer our boys to victory. Hear me n hear well !, no other nationel all do that for Liberia except Liberians themselves. Thanks solo writes from old road district (10).

  • Prince Dickson George jr
    Prince Dickson George jr Friday, 04 September 2015 23:50 Comment Link

    Musa please leave our national team alone you spoil our football system in the country national and the nation league .

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