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Sherman the Scapegoat for Lone Star Woes

04 Sep 2015
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Sherman the Scapegoat for Lone Star Woes

By Wleh Bedell

It is an open secret that now injured Lone Star first choice goalkeeper Nathaniel Sherman can be described as the scapegoat for the senior national team dismal performance in various qualifiers.

Simply because the shot stopper has been between the sticks with the team been an underdog sustaining several defeats, Sherman has been labeled the boogie man in the team's struggles, ignoring the fact that the Lone Star as a team have been lethargic, lacklustre and poor.

With a relatively leaky defense, pedestrian midfield, sterile attack, tactically maladroit coaches and poor preparation, ( no disrespect to anyone), Sherman has been wrongly described as the virus, the problem in the wake of a team's woe.

And, with the gloves man seriously injured due to collision with a glass he bumped into at the team's hotel on Wednesday where he has been ruled out of the weighty Tunisia clash on this Saturday, September 5, many will be itching to see what his presumed replacement, Saylee Swen, will do between the frame.

Since spotted by then Hungarian Coach Bertalan Beskie, ( peace to his ashes) when Sherman made his international debut against the Blue Sharks of Cape Verde,at the Samuel Kanyon Doe (SKD) sports stadium on June 5, 2011, in a match the Lone Star won 1-0, courtesy of a booming header from bubbling front man Francis Doe, a match Sherman was replaced by experienced pair of hands Louis Crayton midway in the first period due to injury, the towering Sherman has up to date played 19 competitive matches for the Lone Star,nine home and ten away under coaches Bertalan Buckskie, Roberto Landi, Thomas Kojo, Joseph Kaetu Smith and James Debbah.

Sorry to bore you, but kindly look at Sherman's performance data below.
Home Matches
June 5, 11, Lib. 1 C. Verde 0
Oct. 8, 11, Lib. 2 Mali 2
Feb. 29, 12, Lib. 1 Namibia 0
June 10, 12, Lib.0 Angola 0
Sept. 8, 12, Lib. 2 Nigeria 2
Dec. 2, 12, Lib. 0 Mauritania 1
June 16, 13,Lib 0 Senegal 2
March 24, 14, Lib.2 Uganda 0
May 18, 14, Lib. 1 Lesotho 0

Games Played Nine
Win 4, Loss 2, Draw 3
Goals Conceded 7
Clean Sheet (s) 5

Away Matches
Sept. 4, 11, Zimbabwe 3 Lib. 0
June 2, 12, Senegal 3 Lib 1
June 16, 12, Namibia 0 Lib 0
Oct. 13, 12, Nigeria 6 Lib. 1
Dec. 15, 12, Mauritania 2 Lib.1
June 8, 13, Uganda 1 Lib.0
Sept. 7, 13, Angola 4 Lib. 1
June 1, 14, Lesotho 2 Lib. 0
June 14, 15, Togo 2 Lib.1
June 23, 15, Guinea 3 Lib. 1

Games Played 10 ,Win 0, Loss 9, Draw 1
Goals Conceded 26
Clean Sheet (s) 1

Analysis: The Lone Star are weak hosts as they have failed to make their home ground a fortress and are poor travelers. At home Sherman gets 8/10, away 5.5/10
Speedy recovery Nathaniel Sherman. All the players in and out of Liberia are with you on that hospital bed. You will overcome. All the best.

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