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A Critical Look at the Selection to face Tunisia

31 Aug 2015
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A Critical Look at the Selection against Tunisia


By Wleh Bedell

The recent list released by Lone Star struggling Coach James Debbah brings to the limelight a chunk of talking points as such list is just a representation of less than twenty percent of the best players at home and abroad as far as performance or current form is concerned.

There has been no competitive football in Indonesia for close to a year, yet still a player in Adolphus Marshall is being selected from there. With the news that Tonia Tisdell cannot be reportedly reached, Wleh was still not given a call, something in my mind is somewhat personal.

What yard stick has been used to select dreadful Omega Roberts, understudy Trokon Zeon who is still unable to break into his own team LISCR first eleven and literally inactive James Soto Roberts whose International Transfer Certificate has since been sent to the Seychelles where he is soon to play.

He is no longer in the plans of the Oilers as is a spectator now in the local league where he is often in the stand awaiting ticket to travel, but hurriedly assembled Coaches James Debbah and Kelvin Sebwe are saying he is still useful than those playing week in week out. 

Two Breweries players left the local scene for more than a month for Ghana to try get visa to travel to a European nation, despite such long stay in the former Gold Coast, Murvee Dolley and Raymond Fanciah are been preferred to in-form lads here who are as well active. 

It was reported that the Debbah led technical crew said Zeon was selected because no local player has the experience he has, a complete pathological lie as no non outfield player is experienced than Solomon Wesseh, alias Jean Pierre, as far as rating local talents are concerned. 

The whole selection process is topsy turvy and with no S Kollie, Wleh, Weeks, Williams, Gbilee, Kicmett, Kamara, Hiah, Thompson, Nah, Jackson, Balde, Blapoh, Brooks, Dixon etc as per those selected though they are all useful, it remains disappointing relative to players selection in this part of the world.

Debbah and co are just there managing at least to get something, so one can understand the whole arrangement. All the best for the Lone Star, but as always, Tunisia are the overwhelming favourites. 

The Carthage Eagles will book the automatic ticket to qualify from the group and don't ask about one of two runners up ticket in the thirteen groups cause the Lone Star will not book any. 

Since the 2004 qualifiers, the Lone Star have ended at the bottom of their group and it seems the story will be the same except they can get a better head to head against fellow minnows Djibouti. As a citizen, I want to see the Lone Star of Liberia qualify for Gabon 2017, but as a blunt analyst, I don't see it so.

 Its seemingly impossible, the team is in shouting distance and mostly due to the fact they are weak hosts and poor travelers. We need to start building from the bottom with grassroots and youth football being the paramount focus instead of continuously building from the top which remains a fluke as the myriad of frustration and symbolic results are all we can show.

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