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Doe Makes a Return to Lonestar

31 Aug 2015
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Doe Makes a Return to Lonestar

By Wleh Bedell

Francis Doe's return to the senior national team of Liberia the Lone Star is a welcome development and will further sharpen the striking propensity of the red, white and blue outfit.

Fresh from winning the Golden Boot in Malaysia, the second in his career, with the first been in 2012, the Christmas day born net buster can certainly help the national team to be more innocuous in the attacking third.

Doe has always been a moody attacker with a tigerish posture, bubbling status
, technically adroit and has a cool head in front goal. He has always been a good customer in front goal and depending on how he links up with the ferocious front duo of William Jebor and Sam Johnson, the Lone Star could be a handful in such area of the park.

With four international goals under his belt, two of which were via his blistering burst of pace against combined with sublime skills against Cameroon and Senegal at the Amadou Ahidjo and Leopold Senghor stadium in Yaounde and Dakar respectively, 'Grand pa' has always been in the thick of things for country.

He might have had some troubling and rather controversial moments though, albeit, he is one of the best of his generation.

Congratulations to Francis Forkay Doe for the virtuoso achievement of winning another Golden Boot as goal scoring is the most difficult thing in the game since it is the ultimate and the statistic that matters most, something that comes to him naturally.

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