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Debbah Names Squad to face Tunisia

30 Aug 2015
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Debbah Names Squad to face Tunisia

 Francias Grandpa Doe makes a return to the team


By Staff Reporter

The head coach of the senior national soccer team of Liberia James Salinsa Debbah has released a list of 26 players ahead of Liberia's crucial AFCON qualifier against Tunisia on Saturday, September 5 in Monrovia.

Surprising Exclusions from Debbah's list include the likes of Patrick Ronaldinho Wleh  Isaac Popo, Tonia Tisdell and Theo Weeks .

The PKNS striker Patrick Ronaldinho Wleh who scored and helped the Malaysia XI to secure an impressive 1-1 draw against Liverpool was again dropped from the team. Debbeh instead called Francias Grandpa Doe who is the Malaysia Super League Golden Boots winner to  provide firepower up front.

This is the 2nd Game with the Sr National Team and the first time Debbeh will lead the charges at home. Is he looking to attack to get the MUST win home games in African Football?

Theo Weeks who many considered a valuable Defensive Midfielder was dropped from the squad. Weeks started in Lome, Togo in the 2-1 loss that was a heart breaking defeat as Emmanuel Adebayo got  a late winner to snatch an important away draw from Debbeh.

Omega Roberts also makes a return to the squad in a central defender role.

Debbeh will feel the pressure on the bench in ATS against a formidable team in Tunisia. Tunisia obligated Djibouti 8-1 in the first game of the AFCON qualifiers.


Goalkeeper: Nathaniel Sherman, Sampson Gidding , Saylee Swen and Tommy Sango

Right back: Solomon Grimes , Trokon Zeon

Left back: Gizzie Dorbor, Adolphus Marshall , Aloysius Simujila
Central defence : Teah Dennis, Kohn Dirkir Glay , Omega Roberts, Raymond Farciah ,

Midfield : Patrick Gehardt, Anthony Laffor , Sporo Somah , Murphy Oscar Dolley, Herron Barrian , Zah Krangar , Sekou Jabateh

Forward : William Jebor , Soto Roberts, Seku Conneh, Sam Johnson, Mark Paye, Francis Doe




Last modified on Sunday, 30 August 2015 16:18
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    SAMUEL HINNEH Saturday, 05 September 2015 10:26 Comment Link


  • Siasia
    Siasia Saturday, 05 September 2015 07:23 Comment Link

    Good Luck Coach Debbah. I think you need to follow the example of Coach Klinsman of the United States. Most of the players of the US national team were not born in the US. Coach Klinsman discovered them from other countries that are big in soccer. Because of the war, Liberian kids who were born in the '90s in other countries are grown now and are playing all over the world. Let's find them.

  • Rickson
    Rickson Friday, 04 September 2015 14:44 Comment Link

    TThe other players are also good. What we can do is to pray to God almighty.

  • Leo Tarr
    Leo Tarr Friday, 04 September 2015 12:33 Comment Link

    This game will be on TV at 11:55am on BEINSPORT. Both Verizon and COMCAST have BEINSPORT. Verizon channel 805, COMCAST Channel 279. Enjoy guys.

  • DEE money
    DEE money Friday, 04 September 2015 01:26 Comment Link

    Bad mouth people has started again but wait is you and your family will lose 4-0 not our darling LoneStar, it same to be you are an illegal immigrant from guinea if you are, please stay away from our country we are tired with Ebola!!!!!!!

  • Mohammed Barry
    Mohammed Barry Thursday, 03 September 2015 16:17 Comment Link

    We need to give Coach Debbah a chance and allow him to prepare the National Team. Liberia have not in anyway invested in this team and we should expect only what we deserved against a team that have even prepare better with professional & experience players.

  • Troy
    Troy Thursday, 03 September 2015 12:35 Comment Link

    Absolutely agree with Leo. if Tisdell or any other players have an issue with the LFA or the couching staff they should address the issue(s) with the proper authority and move on. No one player is bigger than the Lone Star. What Tisdell can do so can Ronnyiie, Sam Johnson, Kpah Sherman, and a host of other young Liberian talents.. players like Tisdell should remember that they cant go anywhere without the national team . If they don't know that by now, than they need to ask players like Alex Nimely, Collins John, OLa John and other African footballers whom for whatever reason(s) chose to ignore their national teams.

  • Leo
    Leo Thursday, 03 September 2015 12:19 Comment Link

    Tisdell was called twice by the couch but he refused to answer the call up. What do you expect the couch to do, put rope around his neck?

  • lolly
    lolly Thursday, 03 September 2015 06:45 Comment Link

    why drop keita we left with no defensive...couch u will lose ur job come sept 7.....

  • Washington Zeah
    Washington Zeah Wednesday, 02 September 2015 17:15 Comment Link

    Our coaches kept changing players for each game Lone Star played. This is really wrong at all. We need consistency if you want to build a new team. This was the problem with coaches and the technical team; this not helping to build and promote the national team of Liberia, the Lone Star. The likes of Dioh Williams, Patrick Wleh, Keita, Tonia Tisdell, Gebro, Grandpa Doe, Sekou etc.. are needed to strengthen the national team. Leaving these guys out of the team shall cause us problem in the qualifying games. Remember, we have Tunisia and Togo in the same group and these are tough teams to play against with so many young and inexperience talents.

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