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WAFU inter-Club Tournament postponed Featured

13 Dec 2016
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The much-anticipated West African Football Union (WAFU) four teams Championship that was early planned for December 8-10 2016 in Dakar Senegal has been postponed.
WAFU said the tournament will be held on a later date in Dakar Senegal with the Champions of Liberia, Barrack Young Controller, Senegal US Gorée (Dakar) Ghana Wa All Stars and Ivory Coast AS Tanda participating in the inaugural competition.
According to a communication from the regional football parent body the tournament that was part of the official Sponsorship deal signed by WAFU and Fox Networks Group could not be played due to a clash of dates with a religious festival in Senegal during which Muslims all over the world travel far and wide to observe their sacred ocassion.
The Communication futher stateted that  becuse of  the importance  of the Muslim Festival if the  games were to be played it will  not attract the required number of spectators that will please the  Sponsors who will cover the matches live on their TV Networks arround the World.
Meanwhile the Rigional body said There are some other logistics that will have to   finalised to ensure a splendid Tournament that would be worth its value.
WAFU has however written all of the teams concern about the postponement and siad the new date for such international tournament will be annouce soon.
Previous communitcationod of  the tournament states tat the Orgnizers WAFU will shourlder the transportation and Hotel accomodation for all of the teams but for only a 25 men deligation.
Speaking about the postponement of the Tournament Liberian Champions BYC says they are a bite  disappointed  about the Postponement because the tournament was going to be a major pre-season for them as they are gettng prepared to represent Liberia at the 2017 CAF Champions League.
Club President Sekou Konneh said “we hope this tournament will be played before the start of the Champions League”.
“We welcome the idea of WAFU to host such tournment and want this to be an annual tournment with in West Africa” the BYC President Said.    
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