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Ahead of “Lone Star” Clash against Tunisia.....Tougher Security Measure put in place

25 Aug 2015
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Ahead of “Lone Star” Clash against Tunisia

.....Tougher Security Measure put in place



By  Augustus Auggie Audekina-Doe



Ahead of Liberia’s “Lone Star” clash against the “Carthage Eagle” of Tunisia, tough security measures have been put in place.

Due to the importance attached to “Lone Star” 2017 African Cup of Nations campaign, the measure will be implemented to the fullest, to avoid the re-occurrence of unrelenting misconducts by football supporters.

It can be recalled, in 2013, the Liberia Football Association landed in trouble with the Federation of International Football Associations (Fifa) which Liberia was given a Yellow Card for disorderly conduct.

This means, the LFA was fined by Fifa’s disciplinary Committee on July 24, 2013, relating crowd violence during the match Liberia versus Senegal on June 16, 2013, and the LFA was ordered to pay CHF 20,000 (US$21,360.00) in application of Article 66 paragraph 1 and Article 67 paragraph 1 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code.

Liberia was also fined by the Confederation of African Football, (CAF) US$5,000 over crowd violence during the 2-2 draw between Liberia and Nigeria at the SKD in the qualifiers of the 2013 Africa Nations Cup.

And was warned when a spectator ran on the playing pitch after Anthony Lafor's strike against Uganda in Monrovia, a world cup qualifying match Liberia won 2-0.

Based upon these experiences, the Liberia Football Association (LFA) with consent by its President, Musa H. Bility and the head of the legal department, the Sports Writers Association (SWAL), and the security sectors following series of security meetings have reached the decision that will seem very tight for football followers.

The measures according to the Security Committee, when implemented to the fullest, will call-off Fifa’s decision to ban Liberia from hosting international matches.

1. No institutional ID card (Security, Journalist, or official of Government) will be acknowledged, except those that have obtained passes.

2. Only Sports Writers with SWAL’s ID card will be permitted to require passes and only three persons will be allowed to enter the stadium with the press vehicle for those media institution that are to bring the match live.

3. Any media institutions that wish to air the match live is asked to come on the stadium 10:00 AM in order to adequately prepare for the match.
Security personnel’s are not exempted to acquire passes because no member of the security sector will be allow on the stadium without a pass that will bears a number.

4. Only assigned members of the Police Response Unit (PSU) with pass will be allowed around the perimeter of the stadium.

5. As it relate to the overcrowds of the stadium, the committee disclosed that all gate will be closed to the public at sharp 3:00PM.

6. The gate of the Stadium that faced towards the Rally Town market will be closed to the public according to the Committee.

7. The Committee with the help of the Public Safety section at the LNP will announce the traffic regulation to the public as soon as possible because there will be no other vehicles except VIP and the VVIP will be allow in front of the stadium.

8. No ticket will be sole on the field and all tickets should be bought at the Cellcom stores across Monrovia.

9. Deadline for accreditation is September 3, 2015 and can be acquired from the LFA office on Benson Street, Monrovia.

Due to the tight security measure put in place, Liberians, Due to the tight security measure put in place, Liberians, government officials are warned to avoid being around to stadium if you do not have a ticket in order to avoid security resistance.

The Security Committee however warned football followers that any attempt to disobey to restriction imposed it will leave Fifa with no option but to ban Liberia from hosting international football matches.

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