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James Debbah’s 5 year plan on course Featured

06 Sep 2016
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By Toyuwa Harris

With the loss to Tunisia compounded by the frustration of Liberia’s football fans, the emotions of fans is being tested.

We at Liberiansoccer.com believe that there is light at the end of the road.

When Debbah accepted the position as head coach for Liberia’s Sr. national team, he clearly stated that this was a 5 year plan.

He was building a team and a system to reflect a changing of the guard

Prior to Debbah's appointment, the mainstays of the Lonestar team for almost a  decade were Grandpa Doe, Snoti Laffor, Solomon Grimes, Dioh Williams among others.

With his team building process, he has brought to the team younger talent that will take the responsibility to provide the leadership to the Sr. national team of the Future,

 This is to fill the void that was left when LFA dissolved the national team and thus ending the Weah 11 era. That action left Lonestar without veteran leadership and added to the years of ineffectiveness.

The Younger lads he has introduced are receiving experience playing with season players and should be ready to form the nucleus of the future

Players like Seku Conneh, Dauda Bortu, Oscar Dorley, Mark Paye, Saah Nyumah, Emile Damey , Joel Johnson have come into the Sr. team and gained valuable experience.

This is Debbah’s way to correct the mistakes of the past as he gets his plan into year two.

Previously the LFA did not have any plan and just dropped all the experienced players, leaving the young players no mentorship and experience to rely on.

The team under Debbah has so far exceeded expectations and is on the right trajectory for success.

Let’s be patient and understand that this is a team in transition with a coach that has a plan.

We Believe in Coach Debbah !!

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