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LFA Somersaults On International Friendly With Morocco Featured

18 Aug 2016
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LFA Somersaults On International Friendly With Morocco

By Sylvester Worwee

Liberia Football Association flip-flop, says the August 31 international friendly is against Morocco local national team.

LFA President Musa Bility has confirmed that the widely publicized Lone Star friendly with Morocco will be against the North African local national team.

The LFA boss expressed his optimism that the encounter with the local Moroccans’ side will strengthen Lone Star, ahead of September 3 decisive Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers with the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia in Tunis.

“We hope that the friendly with a local Morocco side can do us good before our match with Tunisia in the Nations Cup qualifiers.

“I don’t know what you mean by how prepared we are but I can tell you for sure that we are prepared. We have provided everything needed to prepare the national team and I think the team is prepared,” Bility said.

Bility: “The LFA job is to make sure that Lone Star plays its matches and we have played our part. Our wish now is that the national team makes the difference in Tunisia.”

Reacting to news that there is no pending friendly between Liberia and Morocco, LFA Acting Secretary General Emmanuel Diah also confirmed that the much publicized Liberia international friendly with Morocco will be against a home-based team.

“I can give you a copy of the email from the Moroccans FA confirming the international friendly with Liberia.

“We are playing Morocco ‘A’ local national team. We stated the same thing in our press release that was circulated,” Diah noted.

However, there is no mention of Liberia international friendly with the Maghreb nation, be it at junior or senior level on the official website of the Moroccan FA.

Instead, the Fédération Royale Marocaine de Football has announced that the Atlas Lions will face Albania in an international friendly on August 31, 2016; the same date the LFA claiming Liberia will play Morocco ‘A’ local national team in an international friendly.

The Fédération Royale Marocaine de Football made the pronouncement on July 27, 2016 is yet to reveal the names of the referees and venue for the match.

Morocco FA further stated that the Atlas Lions friendly with Albania is part of its preparation for the 2018 Russia - World Cup qualifiers.

Morocco is paired against Gabon, Mali and the Ivory Coast in Group C.

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