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10 Aug 2016
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The Liberia Football Association has announced the senior national football team of Liberia will play the home based squad on the dead end of August, barely two days to the decider of the Group A 2017 AFCON encounter against Tunisia.

According to a release today, LFA says an agreement with “Mcsport” (I do not kwon the meaning of Mcsport) will see Lone star train in Morocco for five days leading to the friendly match. The release also says up to 90 percent of the team actors for the Tunisia decider will feature against the minnow Moroccan side.

Pro-Life Media welcomes this move by the Musa Bility led LFA to think of a test match. We are elated primarily because an unprepared army loses the war before its commencement. We believe that for too long the national team coaches have been sort of conjecturing players against tough opponents in high competitive duals simply because they did not know their players’ psychological and physical fitness. With a test match, the rough edges are sharpened, thus putting the coaches in a better position to select the bests of the bests.

In the same token, Pro-Life Media sees this test match as untimely and ill-intentioned for the purpose. 1. The interval is barely two days-Lone star plays away to Tunisia on September 3rd, whilst the test is circumscribed to August 31. The likelihood on injuries is prone. Fatigue is prone. Remember, gathering the players in Morocco from their bases for the training and test match will somewhat be problematic. This brings in the issue of the usual distraction.

2. Lone star should not settle for an understudy local based Moroccan side as though they are preparing for a second-string Tunisian side. For God sake, Lone star will be having probably the biggest and toughest match since the Calabar 6-1 holocaust in Nigeria in 2012 (2013 South Africa AFCON).

Pro-Life Media suggests that LFA could just use the five-day training opportunity to prepare for Tunisia. We should not stoop too low for an understudy side for a test; we should not risk the precious legs and mental balance of our flag bearers.
All Hail the Lone Star of Liberia, for we believe the race to Gabon is well on course!!!

Henry Boyd Flomo,
Founder and director of Pro-life Media Initiative (MPI)

Below is the LFA release:

Liberia Meets Morocco on August 31 in International Friendly
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 2016: The Liberia Football Association has announced an international friendly with Morocco ahead of the national team crucial Nation’s Cup qualifier in September.

According to a release from the LFA, the game will take place on August 31, 2106 in Casablanca.

The release said the game is a result of a Memorandum of Understanding between the LFA and Mcsport.
The MOU that was signed by LFA President Musa Bility will see the national team train in Morocco for 5 days before and after the game.

Liberia is expected to feature 90 percent of the team that will face Tunisia on September 3 in the last match of the Gabon 2017 Nation’s Cup qualifier.

The Moroccans will feature its home based “A Men” national team.
LFA President Musa Bility said it is important for Liberia to begin playing on games on international match days in order to build the capacity of both the players and coaches.

“This will help us to test our players and work on our strategies ahead of crucial matches in both the African Cup of Nations and World Cup qualifiers”, Bility stated.

Mcsport will provide training facility, a 50 seated bus, provide a luxurious hotel and accommodate a 32 man delegation.
The Liberia National Team will also train on natural grass facility for the five days.
The LFA will provide the tickets and all the resources for the delegation that will include both home base and foreign based players.

The LFA will also provide air ticket for a representative of Mcsport and pay a compensation of 5000 Euros to the entity.

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