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Murphy Oscar Dorley Joins Top Lithuanian Club Featured

04 Aug 2016
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Murphy Oscar Dorley Joins Top Lithuanian Club


Midfielder Murphy Oscar Dorley has completed his long-awaited move to Europe, after sealing a three and a half year deal with Lithuanian club FK Trakai.

The deal came after three months of trials. Dorley and his former teammate at the Monrovia Club Breweries, Raymond Fanciah, departed Liberia for Ghana back in November 2015.

The youngsters spent three months in the West African nation before leaving for Lithuania, where they received an invitation from the Lithuania A-League club.

Unlike Dorley, Fanciah was rejected and sent back home where he ended the 2016 season with Club Breweries. He played a significant role in helping the team win the second division league title.

Dorley, who turned 18 on July 19, started his footballing career with a third division club, the Future Leaders Football Club. While playing for Future Leaders, he was scouted and signed by officials of Club Breweries.

Due to his excellent dribbling skills and perfect ball passes, he was called to represent Liberia against Gambia in the qualifiers for the 2016 Rwanda African Nations Championship, also known as CHAN.

His performance against Gambia caught the attention of Liberia’s senior national team coach, James Debbah, who handed Oscar his senior team debut in Liberia’s 1-0 win over Tunisia in September 2015.

Since then, he has made three other appearances.

Featured photo courtesy of Murphy Dorley

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