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In Liberia Vs. Togo Match: Light TV Brings Grandpa Doe’s Goal to Light Featured

22 Jun 2016
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In Liberia Vs. Togo Match:
Light TV Brings Grandpa Doe’s Goal to Light

By Augustus Auggie Audekina-Doe


It’s been three weeks since the Lone Star of Liberia suffered a 2-2 draw with the Sparrow Hawks of Togo at the Antoinette Sports Stadium in Monrovia, but many Liberians are still arguing on the scorer of the Liberia’s first goal despite the presence of some world acclaimed international media like Being Sports, Pro Media, BBC Sports, among others.

The goal was attributed to Gizzie Dorbor, thanks to his perfect cross from the left wing. However, footages of the game released by Light Communications Investment, owners of Light TV (Channel 2, SATCON) have proven that Francis Grandpa Doe was robbed of his glory by the referee and the international media present.

Speaking to FOCUS Sports, the production assistant at Light TV, Flahn Kayeh said, “It beats my imagination despite the presence of some of the big international media, yet the argument still goes on.

So we at Light TV decided to release the video to prove that indeed it was Grandpa Doe who scored the goal. There is no argument about that, our footage is in HD (High Definition), it is very clear. We even have a slow motion effect just in case some still remain in doubt.”

Flahn continued, “Actually, it is not about proving that Grandpa Doe scored the goal. It’s about proving to soccer lovers in Liberia that we as a hundred percent Liberian TV channel can do better than some of the international media institutions.

All we need is the support. Once we have the sponsorship, we can bring all the local games live with quality pictures.”

Flahn told FOCUS Sports that Light TV has the passion to provide live coverage of the local league but has not been able to do so due to lack of sponsorship.

According to him, if well-meaning Liberians; football lovers, football clubs owners can support the broadcasting of the games.

“If football will develop in Liberia, it is necessary that there is huge investment in all football activities like the broadcasting of the games,” he added.

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