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“World’s least pay Coach Debbah” announces medical sabbatical Featured

13 Jun 2016
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“World’s least pay Coach Debbah” announces medical sabbatical

By Boy Dolo


The Lone Star Head Coach has announced he is taking a month-long break to seek medical attention.
James Debbah continued to put up defence amidst public outcry about his side dismal performance against Togo a fortnight ago outlining salary issue, experience and health problem as probable reasons why the team gave away one of the brightest advantages in football.

Liberia led Togo 2-0 in a crucial 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier where a win could have taken them one step in the final, but surrendered the lead with less than 20 minutes to go on June 5, at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Central Monrovia.

During the match Debbah was glued in a white plastic chair and he was widely criticized for such action, but the Mighty Barrolle legend has shockingly disclosed he was ill during the encounter and could not stand up.

“I was admitted at ASPEN Medical in Sinkor for two days in the same week of the game. Doctors advised me not to even attend, but I have to come. I was seriously ill, that’s why you saw me seated all along, I could not even stand on my feet,” Debbah astoundingly told RCI Sports at the weekend.

Howbeit he was seen at every training session prior to the match and the news of his illness did not reach the media.

Debbah said as a result of this he is travelling to the United States to seek medication and was not definite as to when he will return as Liberia is expected to battle Tunisia on September 2,2016 in Tunis.

“I am taking a break to the US to seek medication. I was very sick prior to the game, but nobody said anything about it, but all is criticism. I need to concentrate a little, I need a rest and I can’t tell when I will be back.

Even if I don’t return somebody can step in my place, this is a national duty, not only Debbah can do this job, others are capable”, The Lone Star Head Coach said creating room for uncertainty over his future with the National team after threatening to resign recently.

Debbah said he is not desperate for the Lone Star job, noting he only accepted it because he wanted to give back after retiring from active football. His statement also dispel critics thinking that he and others former Lone Star players were appointed by the local football house out of sympathy as they did not merit their positions.

The former PSG striker again expressed his disappointment over the huge level of criticism he has received from the public, libeling Liberians as “ungrateful” on ground that he has done prettily well as compare to other coaches that the country employed over the years and paid them huge sum of money.

“ I think I deserve some respect why it is true I accept criticism. I have done well than coaches you employed in recent time and paid them in triple digits. I am the least paid National team Coach in the world and the results are evidence that we can’t do better”. Debbah and could not however disclose his salary.

LFA Musa Bility recently admitted that Debbah is been paid a little sum, but could also announce the amount.

It is not clear whether Debbah is the least pay Coach in the world as he claimed as no comparison can be made due to the imperceptible nature of the amount.

Since he was appointed a little over 18-months ago, Debbah has won four matches among them the record breaking one away to Guinea-Bissau in a world qualifier even though his side was eventually booted out by Ivory Coast. He lost three and drew two.

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