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ZEP Heads Lone Star Mobilization Committee Featured

13 May 2016
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ZEP Heads Lone Star Mobilization Committee

…Promises Victory over Togo


BY Augustus Auggie Audekina-Doe

Grand Gedeh County, Dirtsict #1 Representative Zoe Pennue has been appointed as acting chair of Lone Star mobilization Committee for the Liberia verses Togo African Cup of Nations qualifier.

The Senior National Team “Lone Star” is expected to work on the artificial Touch Sunday, June 3, 2016 when they meet Togo.

Rep. Pennue on Thursday said, he will work with all football fanatics and fans to take Liberia to its 3rd African cup.

According to him, Liberia deserves to be qualify for the nation’s cup as the team has made splendid move so far in the ongoing competition.

The Grand Gedeh representative promised to use his skills of mobilization from previous engagement with the Grand Gedeh team and coordinator of the lone star mobilization committee in 2012 to deliver Liberia in Gabon 2017.

“I want to commend LFA President Musa Hassan Bility for placing confidence in me for such a huge task, Liberians are soccer lovers.

The country needs to reach the nations cup after more than 13 years of absence, therefore I am going to put in my best,” Representative Pennuesaid.

He called on Liberians at home and aboard to rally around the LFA, the mobilization committee and the players to make the national dream a reality.

“The religious community, student groups, woman groups, the business community and all good people and friends of Liberia are asked to join us in taking the national team to Gabon 2017,” Representative Pennue said “a special operation will soon be launched once the technical, administrative and other details are put in place by our Committee.”

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