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Is Debbah Getting Frustrated? Featured

04 May 2016
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Is Debbah Getting Frustrated?


By Toyuwa Harris

The Head Coach of the Sr National Team of Liberia James Debbah posted on his Facebook page that he will resign after the Togo game because of an unprofessional environment at the LFA.

Liberia faces Togo on June 4th in a crucial tie to determine the winner of Group A in the African nations cup qualification.

Togo is in a must win position sitting on 7 points in Group A. With the last game for Togo being Djibouti, it can be safe to say Togo will be at 10 points at the end of the last match day. A win in Liberia will put them at 13 points. They will be coming to play for all the marbles in Monrovia

This has caused the Togo FA to bring on a very experience coach in Tom Saintfiet who has won in Africa. The FTF (Fédération Togolaise de Football) is rumored to be planning 2 test matches prior to the game in Monrovia.

This year and game is different because most leagues will be over or suspended because of the European Cup. The FIFA Match day issue is not relevent. The LFA again is failing miserably with planning and execution.

We have Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Ghana close to Liberia. Why can we even do a road trip to play Serra Leone in a Test match or take the team on camp in Nimba and play a test match against Guinea?

When Debbah took the job, He said that he took the job with the guarantee from the LFA and the GOL that he will be provided all the tools he will needed to win.

So far, the LFA has provided only Game day support. Sending for all the players requested and providing all logistics for the team to get ready from camp.

Debbah has not been sent on any scouting assignment or Coaching seminar. Not one test match against an International side.  

Liberia football agents and scouts are also frustrated by the LFA.

A Liberian Football agent and scout based in Europe informed Liberiansoccer.com that he has tried unsuccessfully on numerous occasions to set up test matches.

The LFA has been very unreceptive to go in that direction. "Thy choose to play test matches against LFA league sides" The Agent Said. This is the same level of competition that Debbah has called “Sub-standard”

This is an OPEN request from Liberia Tebelleh Fans….LFA, we need test matches, we need to win Togo in Monrovia, we need to empower the best coach we have had in recent time.

The qualification of Liberia to the nations cup will be a shining star in the Cap of the LFA leadership. This is about legacy. Mussa Bility, this is about your legacy.

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