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‘Grandpa’ Doe Ready For Djibouti Featured

01 Mar 2016
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Francais Doe ( and Jerbo Celebrate Goal against Tunisia) Francais Doe ( and Jerbo Celebrate Goal against Tunisia)

‘Grandpa’ Doe Ready For Djibouti


By Roland Mulbah

Credible reports from the National team of Liberia, Lone Star say ‘goal machine’ and Liberiansoccer.com Tebelleh King 2015 Award winner Francis ‘Grandpa’ Forkey Doe, will lead the red, white and blue outfit’s attack in the crucial 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Djibouti in March.

The leading goal scorer of the current Lone Star general was left out of Coach James Salinsa Debbah’s squad in recent times, but reports say the coach has now reconsidered and will invite the Tunisia conqueror for the crucial two legs encounter against Point Donor Djibouti.

Lone Star is expected to play Djibouti in two crucial matches with the first leg away in Djibouti from March 23-26, while the return leg is expected to be played from March 26-29, 2016 at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

It can be recalled that Coach Debbah left out ‘Grandpa’ in his first match as a Lone Star coach in a 2-1 defeat at the hand of the Sparrow Hawks in Lome, Togo, but the coach reconsidered his decision and invited the goal customer in the crucial match against Tunisia with newcomer 79th minute striker earning Liberia three crucial points in the campaign.

Many keen followers of the Lone Star say his return to the senior national team of Liberia; the Lone Star is a welcomed development and will further sharpen the striking propensity of the red, white and blue outfit. Fresh from winning the Golden Boot in Malaysia last season the second in his career with the first being in 2012 and a fresh contract with Malaysian Super League side Felda United, the Christmas Day born net buster can certainly help the national team to be more innocuous in the attacking third.

Forkey Doe has always been a moody attacker with a tiger posture, bubbling status, technically adroit and has a cool head in front goal.
With six international goals under his belt, two of which were via his blistering burst of pace combined with sublime skills against Cameroon and Senegal at the Amadou Ahidjo and Leopold Senghor stadiums in Yaounde and Dakar respectively, and a super 79th minute header against another African power house in Tunisia, 'Grandpa' has always been in the thick of things for Liberia. He might have had some troubling and rather controversial moments though, albeit, he is one of the best of his generation.

Lone Star must first meet Djibouti this march in an away fixture and collect another three points from the East African country to stand any chance of qualifying to the 2017 African Cup of Nations, the third for Liberia after appearing at the 1996 and 2002 editions in South Africa and Mali respectively.

The big match player, Forkey, who has scored two goals in first three matches for his New Malaysian Super League side, Felda United, is expected to lead Debbah’s attack with support from Spain-based William Jebor.

Goal scoring is the most difficult thing in the game since it is the ultimate and the statistics that matters most, something that comes to Francis ‘Grandpa’ Forkey Doe naturally.

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