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“Lone Star fans don’t exist”-Bility Featured

01 Mar 2016
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“Lone Star fans don’t exist”-Bility

By Boy Dolo

The Liberia Football Association President has declared that those who claim to be supporters of the Senior National Team of Liberia are nonexistence.

Musa Bility has said the Lone Star does not have real fans, noting those pretending to be supporters do not exist.

Responding to questions about the LFA attempt to get Inaki Williams to play for the Country last week at a news conference in Monrovia, Bility said the quest to get Williams is not to satisfy fans, but to encourage Liberian-born to don the national colors.

“We are trying our best to get Inaki, and let no one asked me if fans will get disappointed if we don’t get him. In fact where are the fans, they don’t exist.

When the National Team lose they talk and insult my mother, but when the team win 1-0 they move from here and there celebrating and they don’t say anything. "They don't criticize the payers, but it's me they will be insulting"

We will not waste our time on people who don’t exist,” Bility said furiously.

The LFA President further narrated that the LFA and her Europe based agent is working hard to establish contact with Williams. “We were due to meet with Inaki this weekend, but I could not go there because of the FIFA election, but our agent will meet with him and whatever that will be discussed we will let you know,” Bility added.

The Liberian Football Chief has also announced that the LFA is in close discussion with another Liberian-born player based in Canada. “We will not disclose the player name, but we have been speaking with this mother and she has given us assurance,” he said.

Inaki Williams was born unto a Liberian mother and a Ghanaian father, but has taken on the Spanish Nationality where he has gone on to play for the Spanish U21 team.

The player in 2015 declared his intention to play for Liberia, but news of Ghana intensifying effort to encourage him change Nationality has prompted the local FA to also take on the same venture.

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