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Alex Nimely signed for ACS Poli Timișoara in the top league of Romania Featured

22 Feb 2016
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Alex Nimely signed for ACS Poli Timișoara in the top league of Romania


ACS Poli aims to save from relegation and make every effort to achieve the goal. Bega  strengthened today with two players in league 4th in England. The midfielder Ross Jenkins (25 years) and striker Alex Nimely (24 years) have agreed with the team from West of the country, according banatulazi.ro.

In a period in which Concordia and transfers  are quite spectacular, ACS Poli  tries to keep the flag up. Thus, Banat had struck a deal with two players who can help the team, especially on jobs that come deficient.

If on Ross Jenkins would not have much to say, except that evolved for 6 years at Watford, one of the revelations of the current edition of the Premier League (the period during which the midfielder played at Vicarage Road, the team was not English first scene), Alex Nimely has an interesting story.

At 15 he attended a trial at City and impressed the coaches who detained him. In coming years, he performed consistently well in the  youth of the club and Mancini noted, calling him to  the Etihad stars.

First only for training, but then ticked up even higher for some matches. Premier League debut took place in a 6-1 with Burnley in 2010, when he played alongside Balotelli, because after a few months to tick the first minute and in the Champions League (came 61 minutes into the dispute with Juve Zabaleta in his place).

Turned into "bad boy"

Aguero's arrival on Etihad blocked the rise and "people" have decided to borrow at a time, from Middlesbrough, Coventry and Crystal Palace. He failed to adjust, perhaps suffering and disappointment due to the fact that it had received more confidence from his City.

According to British media began to have a drinking problem even before departure from Manchester, turning into a real "bad boy". 2014 was the high card for a year and a half after he was stopped by police and caught with a blood alcohol level greater than the legal limit. Soon, the City has decided to terminate the contract and, given the problems encountered, and found only team in the league 4th at Port Vale.

Now Nimely hopes for a new beginning and is confident that Ligue 1 will be a springboard to the big football, where he had access not long ago.

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