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26 Jan 2016
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Kromah is being whisked-off by the Police Support Unit on January 15 at the ATS Kromah is being whisked-off by the Police Support Unit on January 15 at the ATS

 The Action of the Bong Official can be seen at the 1:25 mark on this video


Written by Macaulay Sombai, Macaulay


Monrovia - The Ministry of Youth & Sports, the organizers of the annual national county sports meet, has suspended a technical staff of Bong County for improper conduct. Deputy Sports Minister Henry B. Yonton, Jr. told FrontPageAfrica (FPA) that Timothy Kromah, who ran unto the pitch and assaulted center referee Alexander Dixon during a semi-final match with Grand Bassa at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium on January 15, has been suspended for two years.

“We have written to the superintendent of Bong County and we made it clear in the letter that we are going to be suspending Timothy Kromah, the guy who hit the referee for two years. We are informing the county and the LFA [Liberia Football Association] about his suspension from all sporting activities in Liberia,” said Yonton. He hopes that the suspension serves as a strong warning to others who are always in the habit of violating laid down rules because the results didn’t go their way in all sports.

Footages reviewed by FPA showed Kromah, being chased by stadium security, running unto the pitch and punching Dixon in the center circle for allowing a goal that was scored from a penalty saved by his goalkeeper. Yonton dismissed suggestions that Kromah was successful in his assault because there was no security. “The improper action taken by Kromah was not caused by the lack of security during the match but it was done all because the young man was a part of Bong County technical team.

“He was sitting right on the team’s bench and no security is allowed to stand in such area during a football match. So he took advantage of that opportunity given to his team to attack the referee and not because of the lack of security,” Yonton argued. He vowed that Kromah will undergo the suspension to serve as a deterrent towould-be perpetrators.

“I promise you that my Ministry will leave no stone unturned in this case until Kromah faces the full weight of his two years suspension, which I believe would serve as a deterrent to other sport officials and players who are contemplating to do the same. They will change their minds [upon hearing or reading this news] because they already know what will be their punishment,” Yonton added. In keeping with article 14 (withdrawal, refusal and delaying the start of play), section 17.5, Kromah will also pay a pretty fine.

“Any county player, coach or official of a county obstructing, delaying or compelling a game to come to a halt shall be fined the amount of two-hundred United States dollars (US$200). “Five-hundred United States dollars (US$500) shall be paid for the second offense and a suspension for one year from the following year’s county meet games,” it says. Yonton thanked chief patron of sports, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, for the government support, to sports Ministry officials and the media for their timely effort which helped to bring the tournament to a successful end.

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