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Timothy Weah in the footsteps of his father Featured

25 Jan 2016
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Timothy Weah in the footsteps of his father

At 15, the youngest son of George Weah shines with the Under-17 PSG.

Camp des Loges (Saint-Germain-en-Laye), Sunday.  Timothy Weah was playing his second official match under the colors of PSG with less than 17 years.
Camp des Loges (Saint-Germain-en-Laye), Sunday. Timothy Weah was playing his second official match under the colors of PSG with less than 17 years. (LP / Olivier Lejeune)


Leaving Camp des Loges, George Weah, big gestures in support, remakes the game with his son Timothy, 15 years. Blue headphones on, it displays a dubious pout. "It was not my day, I did not score when I had opportunities," sighs this fast and powerful striker, very technically comfortable.

"Come on, it does not matter," says his father under the tender gaze of the mother. The youngest son of Mister George, born February 22, 2000 in New York, was playing Sunday afternoon his second game with the team of under 17 PSG face Wasquehal (4-1).

Presented as a phenomenon in its trainers, Timothy had made ​​thunderous debut last Sunday in Boulogne-sur-Mer (4-0). For his first official match, he scored a hat-trick .... On holiday in France, his father was already present in the North. Sunday, in the first period, leaning on the handrail, as close to the son who played on the right side of the attack, he followed the meeting. With his phone, he took many photos. As normal parents ... At halftime, he also honors the small refreshment standing out with several sandwiches and coffees. Easily and without really being bothered. VIDEO. George Weah passes the baton to his son Timothy

Few viewers have indeed recognized the Golden Ball 1995, which marked the history of the PSG (champion of France 1994). "Thank you for everything you did for us at PSG," just slips him a supporter posing for a selfie with Liberian. Parc des Princes (Paris), February 8, 1995. Timothy Weah says it wants to follow the footsteps of his father, glorious PSG striker between 1992 and 1995 when he won the Golden Ball. (FEP / Panormaic.)

"See Zlatan, Lucas, David Luiz, it's beautiful" A few months after his older brother George Junior (27 years), short-lived player in the Paris reserve (2 matches CFA in 2014), Timothy joined PSG in September 2014. "I was playing with the young Red Bull New York but I wanted to come to Europe to make better progress, says Timothy. I had a test at Chelsea but I've always been attracted by France and especially PSG.

I knew there was a very good training center. PSG is my favorite team. See Zlatan, Lucas, David Luiz, it's beautiful ... I hope one day I too will play in this great team. But I know that the road is still very long. "Since his arrival in France, Timothy learned to be patient. For months, there has indeed been blocked by Fifa. "I could not play in the league because of a regulation, but I was still able to compete in tournaments with less than 15 years, he says.

I was happy, it allowed me to integrate myself well. I scored a lot of goals. I am staying at the training center, next door. It goes well. It's nice to see my parents from time to time. My father was one of the best players in the world. I am proud to be his son. It is an honor for me, although inevitably it makes me a little pressure. But I want to follow in his footsteps. It gives me a lot of advice, encourages me. "If he speaks a very correct French, Timothy said feel more American. "I was born in New York, it's my country. But I like France too. For now I play with the US selection under 17, it prepares the next World Cup. But for the future, I have not yet decided which country I évoluerai. "

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