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Where Is This "FINDINGS" Featured

11 Jan 2016
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Where Is This "FINDINGS"
...Protest Committee Your Credibility Is At Stake!

There are reports that the protest committee of the 2015/2016 National County Sports Meet conducted hearings into protest filed against Grand Bassa County for allegedly fielding illegal players in the football match versus Nimba during the quarter finals stage of the ongoing national sports festivity.

Though it is not clear as who are the members on the Protest Committee and whether anyone of its members have allegiance to any of the counties involved, it has been widely speculated that Nimba County has won the protest when in fact the committee has not officially released its findings. On last Saturday, it was announced that the findings from the protest has been submitted to the Minister of Youth & Sports for onwards announcement.

Already, there are conflicting reports about the candidates on the protest committee. Some named Kelvin Sebwe, J. Bryant McGill and others whose identities have not been disclosed as members of the committee, while others claimed that the committee is consisted of four powerful personalities to include: Musa Hassan Bility (LFA Boss-Nimba County), G. Andy Quamie (LFA EC Member-Nimba County), Minister Eugene Nagbe (Grand Kru County-But Very Busy) and Mustapha Raji (LISCR FC President-No Relations).

While that information is yet to be rectified, there are claims and counter claims that the outcome of the committee's report could pose a serious setback to the continuation of the already enjoyable county sports meet.
The allegation is attributed to the fact that Nimba has failed to sufficiently back their protest with proper documentation as it relates to authenticating their claims. In the midst of such limited 'prima-fasi,' the committee have vehemently overlooked said proceedings and therefore opted to embarrassed the competition by awarding the points to Nimba County.

It can be recalled that during the Saturday's hearing Nimba based their argument on player Jerry Wleh whom they claimed was banned by the Liberia Football Association (LFA) from partaking in all football activities in the country. But in counter argument, Grand Bassa pleaded not Guilty. On the Jerry Wleh issue, Grand Bassa argued that neither the player in questioned nor his club was ever notified about any decision as such .

They argued with document(s) that the player ended the entire league season with the ELWA United. Additionally, Nimba County presented a letter indicating that player Wleh was suspended but the letter was signed by the current Secretary General of the Liberia Football Association (LFA), Emmanuel Deah, rather than the late Alphonso Armah who was then in the capacity as LFA's SG when the incident occurred . That alone constitutes forgery at the highest level and that all those associated should be prosecuted for such criminal act.

Moreover, Mr. Emmanuel Deah who is one of the finest young men at the local football house should not be allowed to be used in such a manner. With due respect to that brother, true telling at that professional level pays a lot and it therefore gives credence to your credibility checks. People who are entangled in credibility nets should not be given room to endangered your credibility clearance. Indeed your trustworthiness is at stake.
There is a pending performance and credibility checks of all those who may be involved in bending the rules. My caution to you.

More besides, the Nimba's protest violates Rule-18 of the National County Sports Meet. The rule indicates that in the case of any protest, the referees and match commissioner should be informed. Additionally, the rule says that such protest should be written and signed by both teams' captains and presented within 24hrs.

Grand Bassa argument is that the protest was belated and the county was alerted after 48 hrs when the rule says 24hrs; while neither the referee, Sam Kotie or match commissioners was aware of any protest filed on the match day.

As part of the proceedings, if those concerned meaning the referee and match commissioners were alerted just within time as required, the playing cards of the players in questioned would have been extracted or withheld by the match officials. That was never done; and so it serves as a basis for dismissal on grounds that those required procedures were bridged, ignored, disrespected and knowingly overlooked by officials of Nimba County.

Despite all the analogies put forward, Grand Bassa could still be held liable as it has turned out to be more political than sporting. Pointing to the fact that some of the biggest hands in the football business are from Nimba County particularly G. Andy Quamie, an Executive Committee Member (EC) and Musa Hassan Bility (LFA Boss). Should Bassa lost the protest they might seek redress at the Appeal's Committee and if the result is still upheld the situation could worsen. At the moment, neither of the counties are willing to give in, or allow the tournament continues for peace sake.

Whatever the results are Liberia should be seen above interest or self. Already Grand Bassa is singing the song "United We Stand, Divided We Fall." Remember we have an obligation to keep the peace and therefore i encourage the Protest Committee to be very careful in deriving at any result that could undermine the happiness of the Liberian people. I rest my case.

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