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Debbah Changes Strategy in Abidjan Featured

17 Nov 2015
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Debbah Changes Strategy in Abidjan


By Beat Reporter

The Head Coach of the National Team of Liberia the Lone Star James Debbah has named the Starting Lineup for the Match against the Elephants of Ivory Coast schedule for Today November 17 at the Houphet Boigny Stadium in Abidjan.

Patrick Gerhardt is dropped for Alnesia Keita in the midfield. With the play by Keita in the 2nd half of the match in Monrovia, Debbah has made the change to enhance the Midfield. The 2nd half of the game in Monrovia, Patrick Gerhardt was replaced by Keita. Keita injection into the game brought stability and control to the midfield as Lonestar went on the front foot.

Another change is the placement of personal. Sam Johnson has played 3 games for Debbah as a midfielder. Johnson who plays in the top flight in Sweden has been on fire, playing for Djurgården Johnson he has made the scoresheet eight times in the Swedish top flight this season.

Debbah is going to play him as the supporting striker to Jerbo with both Laffor and Dioh as wide men.

Again Debbah is using the 4-4-2 Diamond system.

The starting lineup below:

  1. Tomey Sango 2. Solomon Grimes 3. Adolphus Marshall 4. Dikr Glay 5. Teah Dennis 6. Alensia Keita 7. Dioh Williams 8. Zah Kranga 9. William Jebor 10. Sam Johnson and Anthony Lanfor.

Tonia Tisdell, Patrick Wleh and Sekou Conneh are among the players on the Bench.

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