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Elephants Not Older Than Lone Star Featured

16 Nov 2015
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Elephants Not Older Than Lone Star

By Wleh Bedell

Contrary to reports in many quarters that the Lone Star of Liberia is younger than the Elephants of the Ivory Coast as far as the ages of both players are concerned is somewhat otherwise as per the average age of both squad.

The Lone Star loss by a solitary goal to their Elephants counterparts in a Russia 2018 World Cup first leg qualifier at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) with the second leg coming up on Tuesday November 17, 2015 at the Felix Houphoeut Boigny stadium in Abidjan.

After the match on Friday, many Lone Star faithful claimed that the Lone Star would recover in time for the second leg since they are younger while the older Elephants players would not recover in time since the days to the game were few.
Both sides used 14 players each as they exhausted all their substitutions, and it is from here the math is done to know which team is older or younger.

From the look of things, both teams are equal in terms of the average age or you may, the Lone Star is seemingly older. In all, with the Lone Star having a combined age of 363 and average age of 25.9 and the Elephants 362 and 25.8 respectively, one may say there is not much to choose between both sides or there is not any huge significant difference.

Both sides used 20 year old each who were the youngest players on the park. The Lone Star featured 20 year old shot-stopper Tommy Songo, while the Elephants featured 20 year old substitute midfielder Serge Yao Guesson.
The two oldest players on the park were from both sides. 32 year old substitute midfielder Al-Seny Keita of the Lone Star and 32 year old left back Artur Boka of the Elephants.

Two 31 year old players in Lone Star substitute striker Dioh Williams and Elephants holding midfielder Geoffrey Serey Die were the second oldest players.
Three 30 year old players, featured by the Lone Star were next in line as per the third category of oldest players. The three include midfielders Patrick Gerhardt, Zah Krangar and Anthony Laffor.

Next in line was the age28. Lone Star right back Solomon Grimes and Elephants center back Ousman Viera and forward Gervais Yao Kouassi.
See below:

Lone Star
Tommy Songo--------20
Solomon Grimes-----28
Adolphus Marshall--23
Dirkar Glay-------------23
Teah Dennis-----------23
Patrick Gerhardt------30
Zah Krangar------------30
Anthony Laffor--------30
Sam Johnson-----------22
William Jebor---------- 24
Patrick Wleh------------24
Dioh Williams-----------31
Al-Seny Keita------------32
ToniaTisdell-------------23 Total--------------------- 363
Average Age----------- 25.9

Sylvain Gbouhouo----------------27
Serge Aurier------------------------22
Artur Boka--------------------------32
Ousman Viera----------------------28
Lamine Kone------------------------26
Geoffrey Die------------------------31
Akpa Akpro-------------------------23
Jean Seri-----------------------------24
Cyriac Gohi--------------------------25
Gervais Kouassi--------------------28
Seydou Doumbia-------------------27
Ismael Diomande------------------ 23
Giovanni Sio--------------------------26
Serge Guesson-----------------------20
Average Age------------------------25.8

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