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Solomon Grimes..The Best Right Back of this Generation Featured

15 Nov 2015
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Solomon Grimes..The Best Right Back of this Generation of Liberian Players


By Staff Reporter

 With the Famous Weah 11 the main stay at the right back position was Varmah Kpoto . A no-nonsense defender and skillful supporter of the offense.

The diminutive and calm present right back for Liberia, Solomon Grimes has owned the position and looks to maintain his hold for a long time to come.

Coaches have come and gone, lineups have changed. “ Solo” as he is commonly known has always been in the lineup. Always at his right back position to defend the nation’s colors.

When games are won and praises pouring in for the strikers and goal scorers, it is this rock at right back that provides defensive coverage and stability on the right side of the defense.

The modern full-back is very much an attacking outlet: as midfields get narrower it’s the responsibility of the full-backs to have to get up and down and offer width.

Solomon Grimes provides that requirement and also adds another dimension. His ability to make simple throw-ins a set piece provides a weapon that few teams have.

His fitness is never in question as “Being fit is being able to make a sprint back from the opposition goal-line to your position in the 85th minute and not feel it. Full-backs’ runs are longer than any other position: it’s literally box-to-box all the time he is always well conditioned for that.

The Last Game in Monrovia against The vaunted Ivoirian attack, Solo stood tall ( No Pun Intended ) as he marshaled his side of the defense. The great stars like Gervinho could not find daylight on his side and decided to change positions in the game.

His coverage in the defense was clear, on a play where the pass from the right side beat the 2 central backs, with an on rushing attacking sizing up to strike, Grimes calmly covered the back side and intercepted the pass. A show of experience and technical ability.

The Player ratings from the last game by Liberiansoccer.com Sr Analyst Wleh Bedell he said “Solomon Grimes- Another promising performance from the 28 year old Nea Salimas of Cyprus full back. Made several blocks, won a lot of balls from the likes of Gervinho, was hardly beaten, and played with much belief and desire, except that his crosses let him down on quite a number of occasion.

Today we gave this mainstay and top performer his praise for owning the Lonestar Right back position!

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