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Liberian Football Morns the Loss Alphonso Armah, Secretary-General of the Liberia Football Association Featured

12 Nov 2015
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Liberian Football Morns the Loss Alphonso Armah, Secretary-General of the Liberia Football Association



By Toyuwa Harris


Alphonso Armah, Secretary-General of the Liberia Football Association is dead.

This sad Event occurred on early Thursday morning 11/11/2015 after a brief illness.

His demise came just 12 hours after his return from India for medical care.

Alphonso was a career LFA administrator, raising thru the ranks from Typist to head of the secretariat as the Secretary General of the LFA.

He was the longest standing Secretary General serving under the Musa Bility administration.

A very professional and calm individual. Liberiansoccer.com could always obtain a comments from him on issues as it relates to our game.

Armah as he was called by everybody, was one of the most outspoken supporters of  Lonestar head Coach James Debbah appointment.

Though he has always predicted success for the LoneStar with Debbah at the helm, he will not be around to see the Debbah's major test of getting by the Elephants of Ivory Coast Tomorrow at the ATS.

With Heavy Heart the management and staff of Liberiansoccer.com bid farewell to a Tebellah King.

Rest In Peace Alphonso Armah. Too sad brother, that you had to go so early.

Your immense contribution to the growth and development of our game will forever be remembered.

Indeed, you played your part on the theater, you were an 'A' performer, an amicable, innovative, incisive, diligent and above all a very passionate administrator who always wanted to see our country, its people and game develop.

Too sad to wake up to such an unwanted news. Rest In Peace, the Powerful Secretary General, the Mighty Chief Scribe The "pen" says good bye.

May his soul rest in Peace.

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