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Liberia Faces Senegal Wednesday- In U -20 Friendly Featured

10 Nov 2015
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Liberia Faces Senegal Wednesday




By Christopher C Walker


Liberia Local Based National team will on tomorrow lock Horns with their Senegalese Counterparts in Dakar Senegal in a warmup match.

The Senegalese FA extended the invitation to the Liberian team after the Junior Lone Star show classical Football during their first match at the just ended WAFU tournament in St. Louis Senegal.

The Local Base Lone Star Team technical Staff headed by former National Team Captain Joe Nagbe lost to Gambia at the WAFU tournament but Spectators were entertained with the display of Football from Liberia something that force the Senegalese FA to request a practice session with Liberia on Wednesday intended to get the Senegalese Team prepare for their upcoming all African Championship tournament.

According the Deputy Coach of Liberia Janjay Jacobs the match is important for his young team and will attach the same Seriousness to the Match with Senegal because they are representing the image of Liberia.

He noted that because of the Limited time they have for Liberia game with Ivory Coat and some of the National Team Players are currently on the team they have to keep the team Fit.

Currently the National Team first choice goalkeepers Tommy Songo, Sporo Somah, Murphy Dorley are all in Senegal and their fitness is key to the national Team Jacobs Said.

He noted that their focus is not be defeated in Senegal after they lost to Gambia after travelling for a day and play on the day of their Arrival.

The Game which will be play at the Jules François Bocande Technical Center is expected to be bringing tens of Thousands Spectators at the Technical Center as the news of Liberia display of Football and the talented players in the Liberian Team has become the talking points for football lovers in Dakar Senegal.

Speaking to few of the Player today they promise to keep the wining sprite of the red white and blue Boys going, so as to give a major boost to the national team that will face Ivory Coast on Friday in Monrovia in the 2018 World Cup Preliminary Rounds.

Meanwhile the Head coach of the Local Senegal football Team has praise the Liberian team Style of Play and said he hope his team could play the kind of football Liberia play.

Players that are Expected to Form part of the Encounter are:

Tommy Songo Goalkeeper LISCR FC
Samson Giddings Goalkeeper Fassell FC
Trokon Zeon Defender LISCR
Alpha Trokon James Defender BYC
Helton Varney Defender BYC
Raymond Fanciah Defender Monrovia Club Breweries
Murphy Oscar Dorley Midfielder Monrovia Club Breweries
Richard Lloyd Defender Watanga FC
Alvin Maccornnel Defender BYC
Amara Sackor Midfielder BYC
Junior Barshall Midfielder BYC
Sporo Janjan Somah Midfielder
Sholee Scleam Quiah IE
Van-Dave Harmon Striker BYC
Mark Paye Striker BYC
Christopher Jacksons Striker LISCR
Titus Cooper Nimba Midfielder United
Barbu Kollie Midfielder Nimba United

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