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Janjay Jacobs says late arrival cause Liberia defeat Featured

08 Nov 2015
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Janjay Jacobs says late arrival cause Liberia defeat


By Christopher C Walker

Liberia Local based Head Coach at the ongoing WAFU tournament has blamed the late Arrival of his team for their defeat against Gambia in their first game of the Tournament.

The Liberian team lost to Gambia 1-0 on Saturday at the WAFU tournament in Senegal a game that the junior Lone Star lost after Arriving in Senegal 6AM on the day of the game. Speaking to Journalists at the end of the Game Janjay Jacobs said “its Normal all around the word that you will have such a result after a long journey without resting”.

Liberian team delegation Departed the Robert International Air Port at 11 AM on Wednsday November 4,2015 and transited in Ghana for twenty five Minutes before taking off to Lagos Nigeria where the team again had to stay for seven hours before flying to Gambia and finally landed in Dakar at 1: 30 am Thursday Morning November 5 2015 and took off for their Hotel outside of Dakar City for St. Louis, Spending six hours on the road via bus.

According to the Liberian Coach his team played well but because of their later arrival they conceded an early goal which they did not equalize.

But with the team not having a signal Practice Session they were able to show some good display during the game and could win the third place in the tournament which will be played on Saturday Against Guinea Bissau .

Joking reporters Jacobs said “where we are place on the poster is where will end the tournament which is the third Place”.

The Liberian Coach noted that they need to improve on conceding early goal and focus on their finishing.

“the Gambian team is good and did well but they started Training two months and we trained for five days but we congratulate them for their victory over Us” Janjay Jacobs Said.

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