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Lonestar Possible Starting Lineup against the Elephants Featured

08 Nov 2015
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Lonestar Possible Starting Lineup against the Elephants




By Staff Reporter

The game this Friday at ATS in Monrovia, will be the most important game for Liberia since the debacle against Ghana in Monrovia that derail Liberia’s dream of the World Cup,

While Liberia was dealing with Guinea Bissau The Elephants of Ivory Coast beat Morocco 1-0 in an international friendly match at the Grand Stade d'Agadir in  Morocco. The 2015 African Cup of Nations champions ended a three game winless run with that late victory.

The Invincibility of the Big African Sides is a thing of the past as Liberia just defeated Tunisia and Serra Leone came out with a 0-0 draw in the last competitive match for the Elephants.

The Possible Starting Lineup for Liberia will be playing a 4-2-3-1 Formation with the Midfielders playing a classic Diamond Shape on defense.

The Goalkeeper:

Tomy Songo

This Young lad has played a big game for Liberia and came home with an away win. He is representing Liberia right now in Mali with the U20 team in the WAFU cup. He is young and inexperienced, but does not lack confidence. His play in the just ended national league and bad luck to the first choice Sherman forces him into the baptism of fire at the ATS. This will be his first Home game for the Sr National team, getting thru the first 15 Min of the game and the Nervousness will be the Key for this young net minder

 The Back Four

While Solomon Grimes and Teah Dennis Jr adding experience to the backline, Gizza Doubor and Dikir Glay are very important.

The Center backs will have a tough day with inform point man for Ivory Coast Wilfried Bony and Co. Teah Dennis and Dikir Glay have partnered in the Central Defense for 4 games now and a chemistry is building. They will have to play a physical game and be strong on aerial balls.

The Ivorian’s strength in the attack is on the wings with the wing back pushing up to assist the like’s Givino in the attack.  Solomon Grimes and Gizza Dobor will have to play smart and physical. The attacking style of Debbah will force Solomon into the attack as he has shown in the previous games. That is when he needs t play smart and choose his attacking chances because of the speed on the counter from the oponents. We believe that this back four provides Liberia best chance to get the needed result from this game


The Midfield.

This is where the game will be won or lost. The work rate of the performers in the middle of the park will be the key to slowing down the Ivoirians. Alseny Keita and Patrick Gerhardt are best suited for this assignment. Keita has experience and the tenacity needed to slow down the attack. Keita must be tactical and Physical. He must also provide coverage on the wings while maintain a posture right in front of the back 4. . Gerhardt will have to also pressure the Elephants midfield and supply the ball to the strikers. The advantage of ATS small playing pitch must be used to frustrate the buildups of the opponents.


The Strike Force                                                                                    

Coach Debbah style since he has become Lonestar head coach is clear. He has shown in all his games that to Attack is the best defense. Debbah went on the attack against the Tunisians in Monrovia and kept them at bay on offense, forcing the attacking midfielders to drop back to help in the defense.. Keeping with this coaching philosophy Debbeh must use Tonia Tisdale and Anthony Laffor on the wings with Sam Johnson playing right behind William Jerbo pressuring as the lone striker.

With Tisdale skill on the wings and Laffor playmaking and workrate, the Elephants defense will not have a break. Sam Johnson has proven he can also work hard in the middle and also supply the strikers. Jerbo must take advantage of all the chances in this match . We can not afford to miss goal scoring chances against this team.



Depending on the flow of the game and the score Debbah has Zah Kringar , Dioh Williams and Patrick Wleh on the bench for offensive substitutions .

This is the first game of the home and home tie , the adjustment for the game Abijian will depend on the scoreline of the game at ATS.

This is the Most Important game in a Long time to be played in Monrovia!


Players invited are:
1.William Jebor
2.Anthony Lanffor
3.Solomon Grimes
4.Alseny Keita
5.Patrick Gerhardt
6.Zah Krangah
7.Sekou Conneh
8.Patrick Ronaldino Wleh
9.Teah Dennis
10.Adolphus Marshall
11.Dioh William
12.Tonell Tisdell
13.Sam Johnson
14.Dikir Glay
15.Gizzie Dorbor




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