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Liberia Moves again Featured

05 Nov 2015
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Liberia Moves again




By Staff Reporter

The Liberian Sr. National men football team is focused on the World Cup Preliminary round match against Ivory Coast on November 13, 2015 when the defending African Champs the Elephants visit the Lone Star at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia.

The positive results against Tunisia moved Liberia 65 Points up on the table to 95. The home draw and away win against Guinea Bissau has again moved Liberia 9 spots up on the table to 86.

The move up on the table started when Liberia appointed James Salinsa Debbah as Head coach of the Sr. national Team

His Head coaching career started with a hard fought away 2-1 loss in Togo, when Emmanuel Adebayo scored a late winner to snatch the points.

The new head coach regrouped and won a stunning 1-0 victory against Tunisia in Monrovia, when Francis Grandpa Doe scored a late header to get the three points. This win moved Liberia 65 places on the table to break the World top 100 at 95.

Liberia’s poor ranking prior to the world cup draw placed Liberia against Guinea Bissau in a preliminary round head to head tie, with the winner facing the defending African Champs the Elephants of Ivory Coast.

When James Debbeh's charges played to a disappointing 1-1 draw in Monrovia in the first leg , Liberian football pundits to question the team’s chance on the road.

With the 14 years and 89 days streak of the Lone Star inability to win a competitive match away hanging over the team, Coach Debbah went on the attack which resulted in a 3-1 away victory over Guinea Bissau. The Spanish based Striker William Jerbo got a hat Trick for Liberia .

Liberia has moved again 9 points on the table to 86 and looks to move higher with an elimination of the Defending African champs.

Liberiansoccer.com Salutes The Officials of the LFA , the Min. of Youth and Sports , the Technical Staff and Players of the Sr. national team.

With the herculean task at hand, it is our belief that the stars can slay the Elephants!

GO LONESTAR!!!!!!!!!!


Top African teams in Fifa's world rankings for November (world ranking in brackets):

  1. (22) Ivory Coast
  2. (26) Algeria
  3. (30) Ghana
  4. (32) Cape Verde
  5. (39) Senegal
  6. (41) Tunisia
  7. (51) Cameroon
  8. (52) Congo
  9. (53) Guinea
  10. (55) DR Congo
  11. (57) Egypt
  12. (59) Nigeria
  13. (63)Mali
  14. (68)Uganda
  15. (69) Equatorial Guinea
  16. (71)Zambia
  17. (73) Gabon
  18. (75) South Africa
  19. (79) Morocco
  20. (86) Liberia
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