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Bility To Change FIFA Allotment Scheme Featured

27 Oct 2015
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Bility To Change FIFA Allotment Scheme


The Liberian Football Chief is among eight men aiming to replace under-investigation FIFA President, Joseph Sepp Blatter, and said he would spread the organization’s over 6 billion dollars reserve to the 209 member associations for fast-track development of football.

Musa Bility said Fifa is not a saving account and as such he would withdraw and give out the 7bn reserve to the organization’s member countries, especially those in desperate need of development as far as the ball world is concerned.

Speaking to the local media Monday, after the submission of his bid for the February 26 Fifa presidential elections, Bility said it appears as those Fifa is a saving account in a bank and vowed to empower member association with the said amount if elected.
“Right now it appears as though Fifa is a saving account in a bank, for me I am going to take all the money and share it with member associations. Every year we are being given 750,000 per country, while we have over 7bn in the account reserved. I will spread this money around on our member countries as president.” The Liberian FA Chief said bluntly.

Bility further averred that the idea of giving every country the same amount of fund annually would be changed under his administration. He said it is of no essence giving Liberia and England for example, the same amount of money as development package.
“The idea of giving every country the same amount, I am going to change that base on the level of the country and the need. Why should you give Liberia 250,000 and give England US$250,000? 250,000 does not shake the first 7 digits of England’s Account. So there is no need for that, you can provide certain assistance to England, and you can push countries that are not as better off as the rest of the other countries up,” he said.

The 48-year old said he will stop Governments’ interference into football management by making it a sole Fifa responsibility where no government would be allowed to directly support their national teams, meaning such responsibility would be shouldered by Fifa under Bility’s regime.

“I am going to take football from government responsibility; FIFA is going to manage the movement of National teams so as to avoid interference”, he added.

Bility campaign team is being chaired by former LFA President and Montserrado County, Lawmaker Edwin Snowe.

The LFA President said he received the backing of four hugely populated Fifa member association countries plus Liberia to stand, which have been passed on to Fifa's Electoral Committee.

The former Watanga FC President says he will need an estimated 5 million dollars to embark on travels and canvassing tours to enhance the support base of Team Bility. He says a Team Bility global plan has to be hatched in Paris soon.
Responding to question about plan to raise the projected campaign budget, Bility says that he has money as a business man with integrity, unlike others who have been in the old order aspiring for continuity.

(I need 5m to support my campaign, while it is true I will need some assistance from my Country, but I am a business man and have money, ”Bility bragged .

Bility has over the years been at odds with CAF and FIFA leaders on certain issues, something he says is a mark of probity to effect the change in FIFA.

Bility and South Africa's Tokyo Sexwale are the only African among those set to contest the pool. Former Nigeria international Segun Odegbami bid was unsuccessful.

Musa Bility joins Prince Ali Bin al-Hussein of Jordan, former Trinidad and Tobago international David Nakhid, one-time Fifa deputy secretary general Jerome Champagne and Michel Platini in registering for February's elections.

The candidacy for Uefa chief Platini is unclear since he is currently serving a 90-day suspension by Fifa's Ethics Committee, which the Frenchman is appealing.

All presidential candidates will have to pass integrity checks carried out by the Electoral Committee, before being allowed to take part in the election set for 26 February.

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