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Jerbo's Hat Trick ..A Historical Correction!!!

16 Oct 2015
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By Staff Reporter

The information put out by the Liberian press, including Liberiansoccer.com which has not been disputed by the Liberian Football House needs to be corrected.

Liberiansoccer.com was concerned that the great feat by Jerbo, was being put in a historical prospective without fact checking.

It was reported that Jerbo's Hat trick in Guinea Bissau for the return leg of the FIFA world cup preliminary round where Liberia won 3-0 and advance on a 4-2 aggregate was the first by any Liberian player.

The foremost Liberian Sports Historian Mr. Charles Wordsworth was contacted to provide fact checking on this issue.

According to Mr Wordsworth from his research the Liberian Age Newspaper dated December 13 1963 provided accounts of the great Liberian Striker Jackson Weah performance in Gambia.

Liberia won away in Gambia 6-0 with Weah scoring 3 of the six goals for Liberia.

Before meeting the Lonestar, Gambia had just defeated Senegal 1-0, draw with Gabon and Upper Volta (now named Burkina Faso ) lost the France.

This was the highest away score recorded by an away team in Africa at the time.

His findings after some extensive research showed Jackson Weah performing this feat on at least 2 occasions.

Jebro's hat trick was monumental and the most recent hat trick in contemporary Liberian football, but this feat was done before by great Liberian strikers.

The LFA needs to commission a researcher like Mr Wordswoth to build a database of historical statics and information.

Most of the information that sports writers base reports from,  are from memory or word of mouth. Nowhere can the press find this kind of information.

Mr. Wordsworth , lucky to be in the US has made extensive research on Liberian sports by sourcing old newspapers in the US Library of Congress archives.

A soon to be released book will be very helpful to preserving our sports history

 The Newspaper Account Below





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