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The Experience of Laffor Moves Liberia Forward

14 Oct 2015
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The Experience of Laffor Moves Liberia Forward


By Staff Reporter


The Sr. men National team of Liberia the Lonestar made history yesterday in the world cup preliminary qualifier away in Guinea Bissau.

Liberia needed a 2 plus goal draw or a win to move to the next phase of the qualifiers. The hat trick hero William Jerbo delivered what Liberians are hailing as the greatest performance in our football history.

The veteran leadership and Creativity of Anthony Sonti Laffor resulted in 2 goals for Liberia.

It was Laffor’s vision and playmaking that enabled Jerbo to bury the ball pass goalkeeper Jonas Mendes, whose goalkeeping skills helped his side to avoid disaster in the first leg in Monrovia last Thursday, which ended 1-1.

The 1st goal only 8 minutes into the match cam e from a cross to Jerbo that he beat the keeper and put Lonestar on the front foot.

A 2nd goal at the 12th minute mark from a Zah Kringar corner put the host in a shell-shocked condition.

With Liberia holding on after a goal by the host just before the half time whistle made for a tense 2nd stanza.

Liberia needed to hold on as Guinea Bassiau needed to score 2 more goals to advance. A 2-2 draw or any draw at that point would have seen Liberia advance.

The home squad started putting all its players forward and again Laffor vision picked Jarbo out on a long pass that resulted in the 3rd goal to complete the hat trick deep into injury time.

Laffor work rate and hustle was one of the reason Liberia dominated the match and cam away with excising  the 14 year "Poor Traveler" demon.

Liberiansoccer.com says kudos to the former captian and one of the longest severing members of the Tri color squad.


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