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Lonestar Update

12 Oct 2015
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Lonestar Update


By Abraham Wheon
SWAL Representative traveling with the team

Following 17 hours of brief stay in Morocco ,the National team has finally arrive in Bissau for Tuesday return leg .while in Morocco ,the team had two hours of stretch walk before leaving .The team left Casablanca early in the morning a 12:30 am and arrived in Bissau 4:30 AM are currently lodging at the Azalia Hotel . Both the host and the visitors are sharing the same hotel.

Coach James Debbah has told the players to remain focused ahead of Tuesday's game.

 Talking about the exclusion of Francis Grand Pa Doe ,the technical team said the focus for now is on the team, but RCI sports investigation has gathered that the reason was based specifically on technical indiscipline and not a retroactive punishment for his unwholesome act carried out in training before a the first leg. Previously Grand Pa at a final training before the first leg was involve in a brawl with a local player for challenge on him in training.

This action was criticized by the crowd as they jeered at him during the practice. Most journalists had expected tougher action but at a pre-match news conference, Coach Debbah said due to the remorseful and apologetic stand by Doe, he was pardoned.

Some unnamed but credible sources hinted that, despite the incident Grand Pa has refused to return to training after the first leg. Accordingly before the Tunisia game, Grand Pa was inconsistent in compliance with the coaches training plans.

My sources explained that Grand Pa has dropped form and more over his behavior as one of the longest serving player of the current generation if not checked could sent a wrong signal and bad influence on the entire team.

One of the sources hinted that the latest decision is based more on technical indiscipline than behavioral indiscipline. The technical team according to the source believe Grand Pa will have to take leadership on and off the field. He said it is now understood that most of Grand Pa team mates are afraid of him even doing games, giving him undue attention out of fear thus killing the free mind game that serves a catalyst to team success. He said each time responsibility is shared during games,

Grand Pa's strike mates surrender to him in the spirit of avoiding conflict.

In the twin striker role with Grand Pa and Willian Jebor, instead of Grand Pa been the supplier because of his skills, he would instead circumvent the game plan, forcing Jebor to play the supply role.

When the game is planned with some basic instructions, it is understood Grand Pa always has his own game plan. If a team has a demigod who people bow to in fear then team spirit vanishes. He concluded.

Grand Pa of recent was praised by the LFA president Musa Hassan Bility, describing him as a converted bible focused boy refreshing his devoted attitude exhibited in Liberia's win at Tunisia. "I was griped with emotions when I visited the team dressing room before the game and located Grand Pa alone in a corner reading the Bible.; That for me was the intuitive feelings appealing point " Bility said. 

On last Thursday’s first leg fixture against Guinea Forkey Doe was seen with a big brown bible under his left arm heading to the dressing room.

This is not the first time Grand Pa has fallen to the axes of national teams coaches due to indiscipline. He was affected similarly by Roberto Landi ,Kaetus Smith and now James Debah.

Hope to give you further details on the team built-up to Tuesday's fixture

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