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Zah Krangar Says Liberia Will Come Back Stronger in Next Match

12 Oct 2015
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Zah Krangar Says Liberia Will Come Back Stronger in Next Match



 by T Kla Wesley Jr.


Malaysia-based midfielder Zah Krangar is confident that Liberia will come back stronger after the Lone Star’s disappointing 1-1 draw with Guinea-Bissau in its opening match of the FIFA 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign on Thursday, October 8.

During that match, William Jebor put Liberia in the lead in the 35th minute before Guinea-Bissau leveled the score in the 61st minute after a poor goalkeeping from veteran keeper Saylee Swen.

“We are bitterly disappointed and will probably beat ourselves up about it over the next few days, but we’ll come back looking at the bigger picture,” Krangar said in an interview after the match.

“It’s a setback, but we’re still up there and just need to take this one on the chin, take whatever criticism comes our way and come back stronger.”

Krangar said the players and coaching staff would review the match and analyse it for ways to improve their performance.

“We had a decent start to the game. We had plenty of chances to lead by more goals in the first half but unfortunately, we didn’t convert those chances,” he concluded.

Liberia will travel away to Guinea-Bissau on October 11 and will need a win or draw with more than one goal to progress to the next round of the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

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