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Sekou , Weeks and Tisdale Out of the squad

02 Oct 2015
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Sekou , Weeks and  Tisdale Out of the squad


By Staff Reporter

With Liberia facing the Guinea Bissau Sr. men National Football team on Thursday October 8 and 11 in the 2018 FIFA World Cup preliminaries, the head coach of the Liberia James Silsia Debbah has called 26 players to represent Lonestar .

Noticeably missing are 3 players that have been regulars on the Tri Color Squad.

Sekou Jabateh – Once considered the new darling on the team was left out for this double encounter. Sekou was in the squad against Tunisia , but was an unused sub. Debbeh instead used local based player.

 In a post-match interview, Coach Debbah confirmed   that the decision to use local-based Oscar Murphy Dolley ahead of the man once forecast as the next “ Liberian soccer king” was in the interest of the team and  was not in any way  intended to humiliate the player.

Jabateh was made to warmup, just for Debbah to select the promising Dolley ahead of him for tiring Zah Krangar to the dismay of his many supporters.

“Sekou remains an important player in my plan. We could not use him based on tactical reason. That does not mean, he’s out, he is a very good player, but for this match we could not just use him. Sekou understood the change, it was in the interest of the team, Debbah added.

Sekou left Monrovia for Moldova last Tuesday in his search for a club.

Theo Weeks- Weeks once consider a mainstay in the Defensive midfield, Weeks was left out for the 2nd game in a row. Weeks was in the team for the away 2-1 loss in Togo. He is receiving playing time as a midfielder for Ermis Aradippou in the Cypriot First Division.

With Weeks out of the team, Debbeh looks again to Patrick Gheart in the holding Midfielder role. The 2 games in a week is reason enough for Debbeh to have called Weeks  as an insurance against injuries or red cards.

Tonia Tisdale- Liberian international Tonia Tisdell of Turkey Süper Lig side Osmanlıspor made his first appearance of the 2015-2016 league season as his side got an easy 3-1 victory over Trabzonspor.Tisdell came off the bench to replace Turkish forward Erdal Kılıçaslan in the 83rd minute. The speedy forward was sidelined due to injury and now appears to have recovered to match fitness.

Debbah has not been able to use Tisdale because of injuries previously. With Tonia back on the pitch and playing for his club, it is concerning to see him off the squad.

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