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The Return of the Prodigal Sons

29 Sep 2015
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The Return of the Prodigal Sons

 Dioh Williams wheels away in celebration after netting Liberia's only goal against Namibia
Dioh Williams wheels away in celebration after netting Liberia's only goal against Namibia


By Staff Reporter

With the upcoming games against Guinea Bissau in Monrovia on Oct. 8 and the return leg scheduled for Oct 11 in Guinea Bissau, the Head coach of the Sr man national Team of Liberia James Sanlinsia Debbah has called the last of the previously suspended Trio to the Team.

DOE, ALONG with team Captain Anthony Laffour and Dioh Williams were suspended by the national team due to what the team says was their “constant uncontrollable behaviors” including boycott of camp and other acts in total violation of the national team player code of conduct”.

DUE TO THE PLAYERS’ negligence and childish acts, the team missed the scheduled flight to Ghana en route to Namibia on Monday leading to a loss of $US20,000 to the Liberia Football Association.

DISCIPLINARY ISSUES have always often been a problem for the Liberian national team and many blamed the action of players past and present as a key reason why Liberian football has remained in the doldrums, still lagging behind the rest of the world.

IN SEPTEMBER 2010, both Dioh and Doe were expelled from the team by late coach Bertalan Bicskie for similar reasons.

With Debbah at the helm the 1st player called back was Anthony Laffour who has played the two games which include the 2-1 loss in Lomé Togo and 1-0 win against Tunisia in Monrovia.

With the need for experience scoring and being inform as the coach stated in an interview “Grandpa is playing the best football of his Career”,  Debbah called the Malaysian Premiere League 2015 Golden Boots winner Francais Grandpa Doe back to the team. Making him the 2nd of the 3 players previously suspended to return.

It was Doe’s lone strike that sent the Liberian football fans all over the world and especially at the famed ATS in Monrovia into uncontrollably joy following the 1-0 victory over  highly ranked Tunisia in the African Cup of Nations Qualifier match day 2.

The Last of the Trio, Dioh Williams make his return to the team ahead of the World Cup Qualifier against Guinea Bissau .

With Liberia playing 2 games in a week Debbeh has called for reinforcements at the striker position.

Dioh Clarence Williams, who is currently playing in the Swedish premier division Allsvenskan for Gefle IF and Patrick Ronaldinho Wleh of PKNS FC in the Malaysia Premier League , are  expected to be included in the squad against Guinea Bissau on Thursday, 8 October in Monrovia.

The two prolific strikers are expected to boost the team’s attacking forwards to increase Liberia’s chance in the first leg and relax in the second leg to better prepare for the Cote d’Ivoire merely 20 days later.


We hope these players have learned the lesson that wearing Lonestar shirt is not a right but a privilege

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