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Sherman Retires From Football, Age 24

21 Sep 2015
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Sherman Retires From Football, Age 24


By Sylvester Worwee

Based on medical doctors advise, Lone Star and Barrack Young Controller ‘shot-stopper’, Nathaniel Sherman, 24 has announced his retirement from football. The goalkeeper said he’s retiring from football after surgery on his right eye turned out to be unsuccessful.

Sherman said he wouldn’t be able to see clearly (farsighted) with his right-eye any longer. However, he stated that, with the help of special glasses prescribed by doctors, he will be able to see during both day and night hours.

Sherman, who is expected home tomorrow [Tuesday] from India, where he underwent surgery on his right eye said a pair of the special glasses would cost him US$200.
The Lone Star ‘shot-stopper’ was flown to India for advance medical attention under the auspices of the Liberian government and the Liberia Football Association, after doctors at the John F. Kennedy Hospital advised that the footballer be taken abroad for medical treatment.

National team doctor Abu Boakai Kamara described the goalkeeper chances of seeing with his right-eye as 50-50 [chance] following the incident at the team’s hotel.
Sherman went on to miss Liberia 1-0 over Tunisia on September 5 at the ATS.

It was reported that the former Roots and Nimba United goalkeeper damaged the retina in his right-eye after he banged into the glass door at the Executive Lodge Hotel; the venue used to camp Lone Star ahead of its 2017 Nations’ Cup qualifier tie with the Cartage Eagles of Tunisia.

Retina is the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of our eye. It converts the light rays into impulses that travel through the optic nerve to our brain, where they are interpreted as the images we see.

Sherman was born on February 28, 1991 in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County.

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