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Debbeh and Kelvin MUST get Nagbe

11 Sep 2015
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Debbeh and Kelvin MUST get Nagbe



By Staff Reporter


The missing link on the Liberian Sr National Football Team is a playmaker that can get the ball to the strikers in the final 3rd.

The game against Tunisia proved that Liberia’s defense and strike force is up to the task.
What was missing was a playmaker.

The Famous Weah 11 had Kelvin Sebwe in the middle of the park. The midfield maestro as he was called could spray the ball all over the park. His occasional goals also helped that team to achieve what no other Generation achieved.

Darlington Nagbe style of play is just like his idol. He even wears his number and has the same first ball touch.

At the international level, the most important part of a player’s arsenal is his technical ability. Most importantly, his first touch.

Nagbe’s deceptiveness, work rate, vision and skill all factor into his recipe for danger. His awe-inspiring foot-works reminds me of the great Messi -- rarely do they lose the ball off the dribble. Many, including myself, believe that Nagbe has plenty to bring to the table for Liberia

Nagbe’s ability to control the ball with his first touch and quickly make decisions is top notch. He can receive a pass in a tight area and escape before the opposing players knows what happened. In that aspect he will truly help to build the bridge between the midfield and the strikers.

Darlington will add a dynamic presence to the midfield, one that can dribble past multiple players and get into great positions to make the final pass.

There will be no need for an introduction as he grew up with the technical staff and his father is the trainer.

Debbeh and Kelvin have to make the sales pitch to him and his mother, convince them that Liberia is best for his international and professional career.

He will be a US citizen this Month and does not have to worry about papers to play in the MLS.

Playing for Liberia will open up more possibilities for him in Europe as he is truly a player for the Big stage.

Kelvin, call your god son "TonTon" and Debbeh call your son "Tonton" as he respect the both of you greatly.

Klinsmann will be keen to feature him in October, when the US plays against Mexico, but if that does not happen the window will be open for Liberia.

If the US wanted him he would have been fast tracked for his US citizenship. He should not end up like Collins John who played less than 10 min for Holland and close the book on his international career.





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