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LFA Must do the Right Thing Featured

25 Aug 2017
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Wleh Bedell is the founder of the Liberia Football Players Association (LIFOPA), an analyst, pundit, writer who is currently writing his first book on Liberian football. Mr. Bedell is described by some as a critic, the walking encyclopedia of Liberian football for his in-depth knowledge of the country’s football. Bedell worked as a reporter and editor of www.liberiansoccer.com, also, as Assistant Secretary General of the Sports Writers association of Liberia (SWAL), and Public Relations Officer at the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC). As a commentator, over the years he has worked for several newspapers and online magazines. The football analyst is also a certificated Coach and has for the past 13 years promoted more Liberian players to clubs outside the country, besides George Weah. His critical stance on the Lone Stars, Liberia’s national football team, and his write-ups on the way forward for the country’s football development program hence, his respect and advocacy for players’ welfare has won him many admirers in and out of the country.


By Wleh Bedell


Another football season is over and despite the acrimony that surrounded a PROEST saga which led to FC Fassell losing 12 points after the Liberia Football Association (LFA) ruled into a protest filed by LISCR against three players of Fassell who were ineligible after receiving cards in previous matches, but were fielded in subsequent matches which from all indication was an act of cheating, something inimical to Fair play and the growth of the game. Players Jeremy Saygbay, John Jasay and Alvin MCcornel were the players in question per the protest filed by LISCR on June 17. 

After weeks of meticulously looking into the matter, the FA Grievance committee ruled in favor of LISCR as Fassell had 12 points deducted from them with the likes of Mighty Barrolle, Jubilee and Keitrace all benefitting points with LISCR being catapulted to the top of the tree and despite an APPEAL from the Soccer Missionaries as Fassell are fondly known, the LFA held on to its earlier decision of 12 points deduction from Fassell.

The People's team are LISCR are nicknamed have cruised as champions after a hectic season.


With the protest saga over and Fassell denied their first top flight crown because of their own negligence by fielding ineligible players, there is another crucial issue which has to do with a complaint filed by LPRC Oilers against one of the three players LISCR filed a protest against.

Player Alvin MCcornel, a mainstay for Fassell, a regular fixture, defensive linchpin and defense ace for FC Fassell is the one in question as the Oilers have filed a protest against his club for fielding him despite being ineligible. On July 2, 2017.

Player MCcornel featured for Fassell against LPRC Oilers in the latter 1-0 loss at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS). However, according to documents in the form of the LFA Cards Tally Sheet, MCcornel should not have being featured in such a duel as he was illigitimate after receiving a straight red card by referee George Rogers on April 23, 2017 at the ATS in which Fassell lost 3-2.

As per the rules, after receiving a straight red card, player MCcornel should have missed the next three games. But, the player only missed the first match against LISCR. Instead of missing the next two matches involving Mighty Barrolle and Barrack Young Controllers (BYC), the club managed to bend the rules and engaged in cheating by fielding the player and they even went further by featuring player MCcornel against Keitrace and Oilers which simply means Fassell had no respect for the rules, and promoted the devilish act of cheating in their desperation to win at all cost.

 See matches Fassell was involved in after MCcornel was red carded in the match with Nimba United on April 23, 2017.


May 14, 2017: Fassell vs LISCR ( Did not Feature)


May 31, 2017: Barrolle vs Fassell ( Featured)


June 11, 2017: Fassell vs BYC ( Featured)


June 19, 2017: Jubilee vs Fassell ( Featured)


June 24, 2017: Keitrace vs Fassell ( Featured)


July 2, 2017: Fassell vs Oilers ( Featured)


Thus, this is proof that MCcornel was illegitimate when he featured against the Oilers. It can be recalled that the likes of Barrolle, Keitrace and Jubilee all received points as a result of Fassell 12 points deduction for fielding illegitimate players against them.

The major question is how come the Oilers did not benefit from the protest also since MCcornel was not legal when he featured against them. The FA noted that "by the time LISCR were filing the protest,  the match Fassell, Oilers had not being played".

The Oilers have since gone on to file a COMPLAINT, specifically on July 21, 19 days after their match with Fassell with the required fees in filing a complaint paid.


The LFA is therefore under serious scrutiny as sources at the LFA say just like LISCR that provided the Card Tally Sheet as evidence of their protest, the Oilers submitted same and connoisseurs are wondering as to what the outcome of the complaint by Oilers would be as both teams provided the same documents as evidence as per information from sources at the LFA. If the Oilers will not win the complaint which would raise eye brows and spark controversy, then there will be serious questions yearning for answers as to how LISCR won their protest filed when both clubs evidences was to just be compared to the FA game sheets as it relates to the matches in question.


If the evidence provided by Oilers is anything to go by and cannot win the complaint then it may seem that the protest won by LISCR was gimmick, theatric, pseudo, fake and in fact a movie.

The facts are there and the FA is under the spotlight. The LFA must therefore do the right thing unorder not to impugn its image with a decision to rob the Oilers of three points in the midst of glaring evidence.

It would surmise that the FA  is inconsistent, contradicted itself in curbing cheating and will be shooting itself in the foot !

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