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LFA Accepts CAS Ruling….Reinstates Woodson as EC Member Featured

08 Aug 2017
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 2017: The Liberia Football Association has accepted the ruling of the Court of Arbitration for Sports concerning former Executive Committee member Rochell Woodson.

CAS has ruled against the LFA in a complaint filed by Ms.Woodson.

The LFA in a release said the Executive Committee has received the ruling, reviewed it and as per the content of the ruling, she will be reinstated to the Executive Committee.

The LFA will also be responsible for the legal fees incurred by her.

The leadership of the LFA has no intention to take to matter forward and respects the decision of the court.


It can be recalled that The decision to suspend Ms Woodson was reached at the 21st ordinary congress on December 27 following a proposal by LISCR FC President Mustapha Raji.

Raji petitioned congress to take action on the long absence without leave (AWOL) by Woodson and Kuoh in keeping with article 47.2 of the LFA 2014 statutes.

It says the positions of the Vice Presidents and other members of the executive committee will be considered vacant in case of death, resignation, or permanent disability or if the vice Presidents and other members of the executive committee do not participate in four consecutive regular meetings.


There were 33 votes in favor of the motion to suspend Kuoh, none against and three in abstentions while 35 voted to expel Woodson, three against and no abstention


Ms Woodson appealed her suspension to the Court of Arbitration for Sports ( CAS) with has ruled in her favor


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