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Football House rejects budgetary allotment

Football House rejects budgetary allotment

By. Henry Boyd Flomo

The Liberia Footballl Association is urging Chief Patron of Sports Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf not to sign into law the 2015 national budget without a significant allotment for Footballl development.
The president of the Football House says the LFA will not accept the reported $250 thousand alloted for the national team.
The LFA has been craving for $5 million to kick start the construction of football facilities in the country. As the budget debate ensue, it was remored that a million dollars could be allocated, an amount the LFA thought it could manage with pending the next budget year.
The dust settled with both Houses reaching settlement and news is that they didn't even meet the expected threshold rather an embarrassing and infinitesimal amount of $250,000.
Appearing on a local radio in Monrovia Wednesday, LFA president Musa Bility said the amount could barely cover two matches of the national team.
Bility: we have already played seven matches of 10 this year. And we already owed our Travel Agency closed to $300 thousand. This move is a mockery and we urge the president of Liberia not to accept this budget.
The National Legislature is replete with people of football background including former LFA president Edwin Snowe, former LFA vice president Aldoph Lawrence, former player and former Executive Committee Member Geraldine Doe, former Sports Minister Commany Wesseh and former Fifa player of the year George Weah among others. Bility said instead of the array of iconic personalities in the rank of parliament, it is sad Sports remain at the basement of priorities.

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