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VaN-DAVE Prepares FOR CAF Champions LEAGUE FIGHT Featured

08 Feb 2017
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 BY  Christopher C Walker

BYC-I Football Captain Van-Dave Harmon (VDH) says BYC’s last experience will prepare the Liberian champions for a battle against Stade Malien at home on Sunday at 3:30PM.

The “Go Blue Boys” are in a tricky Champions League on the back of a disappointing home defeat to Fassell FC in the Liberian Football Association First Division League and mindful of how difficult their Malien counterparts will be against the Liberian Champions.

However, Van-Dave expects the home fans to generate “lots of noise” for BYC to claim a prized scalp of Mali.

"We know, as we've played in the Champions League before that it will be a difficult game with a good atmosphere on Sunday afternoon" the skipper told BYC Football official Facebook Page, recalling “The Blues” Champions League win of Kotoko in 2013.

VDH-I'm sure they will be really up for it with their achievement and we will be up for this game, it’s important as we've experienced these games.”


VDH- “The players who joined us this year and have not played in the CAF Champions League will have to Know that an international tie like this is more of a battle than a football game.”  He continued-we have to be ready for that and be ready for a tough game as the competition is full of surprises.”


VDH-"Stade Malien has nothing to lose away. No-one is expecting them to win us  here and they will try to cause an upset against us.

VDH- “We know that and have to be ready for that. It will be a difficult game  for us, so we have to be ready to battle and win the battle.”




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