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Controversial Referee Suspended

Controversial Referee Suspended





By Augustus Audekina-Doe

Information filtering in from quarters of the Liberia Football Referee Association (LIFRA) has it that Fifa-badged referee, Isaac Montgomery, has been suspended.

The controversial referee was suspended by the Referee Standing Committee at the Liberia Football Association. He has been suspended for a period of three months.

Montgomery has been termed “Controversial” by fans due to the numerous red cards issued in League matches.

Montgomery action was recently proven when eight players were suspended for three matches each due to indiscipline action.

The two-time “Best Referee” award winner suspension came as a result of his “gross in subordination” to members of the Referee Standing Committee, according to a LIFRA communication.

Information has it that the Liberian referee had frowned on adjustment made by the committee basically on match assignment.

According to reports, Ref. Montgomery disliked the manner in which his match assignment – BYC vs Watanga FC was changed by LIFRA and reportedly expressed himself in manner that was viewed as being insubordinate.

Due to that, an investigation was launched by the Referee Standing Committee which he (Montgomery) was uncertified with.

Montgomery who has already received his suspension letter is on an appeal mission to the President of the Local Football House Musa H. Bility and other hierarchies at LIFRA for an intervention.

It is yet uncertain as to whether the Fifa-badge referee will be a part of the International Elite referee course for Member Associations that is slated for August 31.

Last modified on Thursday, 27 August 2015 12:07
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