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Liberia Mourihno-Gabriel Johns vows to frustrate First Division big guns Featured

15 Dec 2016
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Liberia Mourihno-Gabriel Johns Liberia Mourihno-Gabriel Johns

By Boy Dolo

The tough-talking Liberian tactician says he is rebuilding the mentality of the players of Keitrace FC, but at the same time bragged that the Cow-Factory supported Club will not yield to any so-called big name clubs this season.

New Keitrace FC Head Coach Gabriel Johns has told Insight Sports that his side will not bow to any big name Club this season, noting they are targeting a top three finish.

Keitrace held LISCR FC to a nil-nil draw in the first match of the season and did same to Nimba United on Sunday forcing them to a 1-1 draw.

“We are resolved not to concede defeat to any of the top teams this season. Our mission was successful against LISRC FC, and you saw what we did against United today.” the former LPRC Oilers player and Head Coach said.

Johns added that he is pleased with the performance of his team so far in the two matches played , but said he is still working on their mentality.

“I believe in excellent football and I want my team to play according to our plan,” he noted.

Johns also told INSIGHT Sports that he is targeting a top three finish this season. “We are not moved by the number of top clubs in the league, but I believe we can finish among the top three,” the Keitrace FC Coach said.

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