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Football the Process of Winning: Featured

16 Nov 2016
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Patrick O'Neal Julu( Coach Machine ) Patrick O'Neal Julu( Coach Machine )


The art of developing the next generation of young players is firmly rooted in giving each player a clear details about the basic fundamentals of the game while also giving them great individual attention in the entire process. This is easily done by setting up youth programs and academics through the national government, individuals or clubs across the country(Liberia )

Local Players, Clubs and National Teams

Local Players enhancement helps clubs and national team growth. Liberia's clubs and the football authority need youth systems to develop the culture of continuity which is one the bedrock of football growth and development.

Youth Setup Into Groups

The formative level:
comprises of the U15, U16, U17 and U18. At this stage, the objective is not about results, rather teaching the players, giving them the basic information about the sport, such as control, passing, movements, having lot of the ball to their feet and more importantly having fun and permitting the game to be the teacher.

The Performing Group

At this stage, systems of plays are taught in details, decisions making, emphasis on ball retention, use of the ball in tight situations or spaces , how to control the pace of any given game and teaching them(Players ) positioning when the team is out of possession of the ball. It is so vital at this stage to teach them, when is the appropriate time to attack the opposing team, set pieces and many more are highlighted at this level.

Communication between coaches of all levels

The big plus of all these is that, all Coaches must follow the same pattern and be able to coach in the same manner laying importance on the above mentioned objectives at the performance level. This can be possible through the Liberia football Association technical department who is responsible for technical development of football is the country. There must be a blueprint that is given to heads of these programs at the national level while also working with clubs' technical directors to ensure that everyone is on the same width length in terms of the curriculum. Communication is the key here.

. The Philosophy

It should be clearly stated from the onset that team value, discipline and the awareness of the greater good of the team must be highly value and every player or individual associated with the project must make it their responsibility to follow the same route or path

Our Identity

I will suggest that we will play a more possession kind of football, taking into consideration the size of our players and the natural technical prowess of our players.
For example, the Spanish- game is highly technical and possession oriented. The size of their players got a lot to do with that.
We as a nation(Liberia ) need to establish our characteristic in our game.


Success is never by mistake and will never be. we as a nation and stakeholders of the sport in Liberia must birth a vision, must plan accordingly, be committed and dedicated while believing that it's possible because evidences are right in our faces from nearby nations and countries faw away in Europe and other parts of the global. Very vital, not forgetting about our financial sacrifice without which, success in football is a mere lecture.

Human Resource

Education of the four pillows of the game is very important in sustaining any success that will be gained from our(Liberia ) investment.
Coaches, Administrators, Medical men, and Match officials must be developed and educated in order to smoothly transfer the knowledge gain to their subjects. The drawback is that, when coaches, administrators, match officials and medics are not knowledgeable about the various aspects of the game's development, the trigger down effects can be disastrous ." Bad teacher bad student".

Your humble contributor :
Patrick O'Neal Julu( Coach Machine )
America's National coaches Association : Advance Coaching Diploma.
Confederation of African Football : Advance level Coaching Certificate.
Winneba Sports College : National High Level Coaching Diploma.
Ghana Football Association Five-year Football Development plan : Certificates in: Basic, Intermediate and Advance.
The Right to Play : Red Bull Child Module certificate.

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